Some should NOT walk amongst civilized men

Egyptian Coptic Christians have become collateral damage…NO…they are being targeted for elimination…as secular Egyptian security forces battle supporters of ousted Muslim Brotherhood ‘puppet’ President Mohamed Morsi.

For days now, Christians churches have been under attack as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to turn Egypt into an islamic authoritarian state where sharia is the law of the land and islam must be practiced by all…practiced by all as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to achieve its true goal of cleansing the Middle East of all Christians and Jews.

Claiming they’re acting in response to government security forces breaking up two protest camps in Cairo’s Nadha and Raba’a al Adiwiya squares a few days ago, the Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood supporters are attacking and torching churches and Christian-owned homes and businesses all across Egypt, killing many innocents as they do so.

And even after interim President Adly Mansour declared a nation-wide state of emergency and a dawn to dusk curfew, these barbarians attacked and burnt to the ground at least 27 church buildings (including firebombing and burning the Mar Geergiss Church, the main Coptic church in the southern Egyptian city of Sohag along with other churches in the cities of Minya, Assiut, and Fayoum), and attacked a women’s-only monastery and two Christian schools. Thirty Coptic Christian-owned homes have been set on fire, along with many businesses, including the destroying of three Bible Society stores.

And just last week, a little 10-year-old Christian girl was targeted and killed while walking home from a Bible class at the Ahmed Esmat Street Evangelical Church.

So where is the outrage from our ‘supposed’ Christian president…from the media…where is it…there is none as the msm won’t even report on this, and if the newspapers mention it at all its buried amongst ads in the back of the paper, and Obama could care less for he supports and aligns himself with the very barbarians committing these acts.

But heaven forbid one (vile) mosque would be torched or one ‘supposedly’ innocent muslim child was killed…the media and Obama would be calling for blood revenge.

And it’s all so sad because under Hosni Mubarrak’s rule, Christians (who make up only around 10% of the population of 85 million) were safe, but in Morsi’s single year in power a chain of abuses against them were committed…abuses committed even after thousands fled the country soon after he took office. Examples of such are arresting and torturing Christian political opponents and any criticizers; trying to stop Copts from voting in last December’s constitutional referendum; tolerating the assault on Coptic Christianity’s holiest cathedral by islamic militants in April; and halting any and all investigations into the October 2011 Maspero massacre that left 30 Copts dead and 500 wounded.

And immediately before and after Morsi’s ouster his supporters bloviated over and over in a heated frenzy that it was the Christian minority who were the cause of all the protests that led to Morsi’s ouster. Fueled on and aided in this rhetoric…in this lie…by imans from all across Egypt who called for Christians to be attacked and killed, Morsi and his followers ran rampant with NO one stopping them.

That is until 34+ million Egyptians took to the streets in protest that is. Took to the streets to protest the demise of their personal freedoms, because Morsi replaced Sadat’s 1971 constitution (which replaced Egypt’s 1923 constitution) with a 2012 islamic shariah constitution which became irrevocable as Egypt’s new Supreme Law.

And thus the Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets to counter the pro-military protesters, all the while shouting their battle cry…“we will defend islam”…while attacking Christians, turning the Egyptian people’s cry for freedom into a (un)holy war of islam vs. Christianity with a bit of ‘death to all Jews’ thrown in for good measure.

And that is serious indeed for if the government security forces…the military…can’t secure the peace and Egypt falls and becomes a lawless failed state, then Israel faces extremely serious trouble for the Camp David Accords, which have kept the peace between Egypt and Israel for decades, won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on.

Remember back in May when Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called on then President Morsi to ‘revise’ the Camp David Accords saying, “We ask Egyptian authorities to revise mainly the security articles of the Camp David Treaty even though not cancelling it,” and that “Zionists (Israelis) try to use the gap created by the treaty, which blocks the military presence in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in order to de-stabilize Egypt’s security and damage Egypt- Palestine relations”.

Well, these words were spoken by a man who hates Jews as much or even more than he hates Christians, and points to the fact that if the Muslim Brotherhood were ever to resume power in Egypt…or even to share in power…that would assure that the Sinai Peninsula…an area already awash in guns, weapons, and terrorist training camps…would become even a worse breeding ground of hate where the rules of the game would be that both Christians and Jews were free for the killing.

And what is Obama’s response to all this…to the newest happenings in Egypt including the fact that yesterday Muslim Brotherhood supporters stormed and set fire to government buildings in Cairo. From Martha’s Vineyard…on yet another  vacation paid for by ‘We the People’…Obama held a hastily arranged press conference where his empty words spoken were that the US will cancel joint military exercises with Egypt in the wake of “brutal and deadly violence,” but he said nothing about cutting off foreign aid to Egypt.

“The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt’s interim government and security forces,” Obama said. “We deplore violence against citizens.” And so it seems he only deplores violence done by the government forces against Muslim Brotherhood citizens but NOT a word was said about Muslim Brotherhood violence against Coptic Christian citizens …NOT a word.

Oh and lest I forget, Barack HUSSEIN Obama said he wants to be “a partner in Egypt’s future”.

I think Egypt can do very well without him for this man’s loyalties do NOT lie with the Egyptian people’s wish for freedom for Obama’s bloviating interference goes against the very outcome they’re trying to attain.  And with him ignoring the slaughter of the Coptic Christians, it becomes in-your-face obvious that Obama is trying to manipulate the chaos in Egypt and turn it into results similar to those in Syria where the Muslim Brotherhood is thought of as ‘freedom-fighters’…’freedom fighters’ who just happen to be aligned with al-Qaeda…’freedom fighters’ who are anything but yet who Barack HUSSEIN Obama is supplying US guns and weapons to…most in dirty under-the-table dealings…as in can you say ‘Benghazi’.

And so Obama’s treasonous actions continue, but this time the Egyptian people are on the receiving end of it with the Coptic Christians sadly suffering the most.


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