Somali Muslim Rapes 10 Year Old… Wasn’t Given Enough Money….Oy Vey!!

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Now, aren’t you ashamed?  It’s your fault that Ahmed Hersi Abdi raped a 10 year old girl.  That’s what Somali community leader Mohamud Noor says anyway.  He claims that Abdi is mentally ill and the United States is responsible for him as a refugee.  The question I would ask is, why would we allow these crazies into the country.  The police and the media is trying to reassure native Minnesotans that this is not typical behavior of Muslims from Somalia.

Of course not.  You should ignore the fact that the rape of women and children per capita is higher in Somalia than any other country in the world and that of the sex slaves sold in Somalia, girls from age 1 to 9 bring the highest prices.  Why 9 I wondered.  Then I remembered that the prophet Mohammed took a six year old bride but did not consummate the marriage until she was nine.  (To be fair, even though she was nine she had the body of a eleven year old.)

Somalis don’t feel like they fit in in America despite the blank check they get to cover every need.  They demand to live under Sharia law and they constantly talk about returning to Somalia as they continue to cash generous checks from the United States taxpayers.  Democrats love them because they will gladly board a bus in Minnesota and Ohio and vote a straight democratic ticket, even when they are not eligible.  (Maybe republicans should schedule all day tour buses for Somalians complete with sandwiches and drinks.

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Republican presidential candidate caught a lot of grief because he pointed out that illegal aliens have a high rate of child sex.  But he was right.  Every other day, you read of another heinous crime against young children.  That’s because in Muslim culture, pedophilia isn’t considered a crime.  In fact it is a centuries old custom that continues even today to rape the victims of their wars against various countries and peoples.  ISIS holds child sex slave auctions to raise money for their cause.

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