Socialist Who Attacked Rand Paul Facing Federal Charges

Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul’s socialist neighbor thought he had gotten almost no punishment for his brutal attack when local police charged him with a 4th degree assault.  But, Rand Paul, who has six busted ribs and two bruised lungs among other injuries has been notified that the feds intend to charge his neighbor, anesthesiologist Rene Boucher, for a politically motivated crime.  Boucher has tried to say that it was a minor landscaping issue that got out of hand.

No neighbors or the association overseeing the gated community knows anything about a landscaping dispute and Rand Paul categorically denies the attack was anything but political in nature.

One neighbor, Shawn Parker, told TheDC:

“My family has lived here for six years now. In all the years that I have been on board we have never had any complaints at all about anything from them or against the Pauls.  I pass by their house everyday as my family lives diagonally across the street from them. When we see Rand out riding his bike or Kelley out walking in the beautiful neighborhood we live in they have always waved or even stopped to say hello.”

From ABC News

A prosecutor said after court that criminal charges may change because of the severity of the lawmaker’s injuries.

Warren County prosecutor Amy Milliken didn’t provide more details but said her office was working with Kentucky State Police and the FBI. She said the investigation “has not concluded.”

Milliken declined to discuss what could have caused the attack.

Boucher’s lawyer, Matt Baker, said the possibility of a federal charge “is a concern.”

“I hope that that doesn’t happen,” Baker said. “And the research that I have done thus far would indicate that there’s no applicability of the federal statute that appears to address the issue.”

He said that he’s still investigating the cause of the attack.

“It has nothing to do with politics,” Baker said. “It’s a property dispute between two neighbors.”

A staffer with Paul’s office disputed media reports that the two men had a “longstanding dispute.”

“The Pauls have had no conversations with him in many years,” senior advisor Doug Stafford said. “The first ‘conversation’ with the attacker came after Sen. Paul’s ribs were broken. This was not a fight, it was a blind side, violent attack by a disturbed person.”

What I want to know is if the DOJ will select a special prosecutor to investigate collusion between Boucher and Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer.  Both have been out to get all Republicans and even though there is no evidence just like in the Mueller investigation, it needs to be explored thoroughly.  (Removes tongue from cheek)

Boucher pleaded not guilty to 4th degree assault, which is a misdemeanor that carries up to just up to 12 months in prison but federal charges would be much harsher.  I wasn’t able to find the exact penalty since there are different classes but just making a verbal threat carries a five year sentence.  Because of the seriousness of the injuries, he should face the maximum of any charges brought against him.


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