Socialist Michael Moore reveals he knows nothing about socialism, gets schooled by Socialist Party

Michael Moore, the wealthy filmmaker worth some $50 million, is well-known for his support of socialism and his love of Communist regimes, like that which rules Cuba with an iron fist.

On Sunday, he demonstrated his complete ignorance of socialism on Twitter and ended up getting schooled by a number of people.  Even the Twitter account for the Socialist Party weighed in.

Yes, he really is that stupid.

The Socialist Party also got pushback from this tweet.

Of course, Moore is just fine with that…

And those homes aren’t exactly in poor neighborhoods, either…

Um, no, that’s not what socialism means.  Sadly, a lot of low-information left-wing voters think this way, thanks in very large part to the Democrat-media complex.  Just recently, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry blamed racism for the fact that socialism never hold in the United States, demonstrating just how irreparably stupid some on the left are.

Bingo.  Sadly, far too many voters today fit that category.  Just look at how many support Democrats…


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