‘Socialist hellhole’ – Seattle smacked by Fox Business host

Fox Business host “Kennedy” (Source: YouTube, Fox Business)

Seattle, which fancies itself so much as the gem of the Pacific Northwest that it calls itself the “Emerald City” just got slammed by Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who called it a “socialist hellhole besieged by violence and economic immobility.”

“The do-gooder authoritarians on the Seattle City Council,” she said in opening remarks on her Wednesday program, “want the once robust Emerald City to swirl down the collective commode by enacting punishing minimum wage laws, a gun tax and now a new tax on the wealthy that may not even be legal.

“The Seattle gun tax is supposed to punish Second Amendment adherents by slapping an arbitrary $25 fee on every gun purchase. But instead that has not only led to more layoffs in gun stores, but increased gun violence with shootings skyrocketing by 37 percent, and people find black market weapons and legal ones outside the city.”

“Good job, commies,” she added for good measure.

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According to KOMO News, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, back on May 24, “The city has seen a 17 percent increase in the number of police calls about shots fired compared with last year. Thirty-five people have been shot in Seattle so far this year — a 30 percent increase.”

A report on Montgomery’s commentary in the Seattle Times had garnered nearly 700 reader responses before noon Friday. It was also a hot topic on conservative KVI-AM morning talk shows.

The city has long been ridiculed for its far-left politics but this one minute, 50 second verbal broadside has hit a nerve.

Montgomery, who goes by her middle name “Kennedy” on the air, didn’t skip a beat in her scathing criticism of what she described as a city essentially gone bad. If Seattle is an example of how “progressive” politics works, it might be better for Seattleites to sack the place and go back to living in log cabins because “progress” hasn’t worked.


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Seattle is being sued by three major firearms organizations over its gun tax, which has already forced one major gun retailer out of town and another one is considering it. That would result in a negative impact for the city, costing it B&O tax revenue along with jobs and the gun tax revenue.

When the tax was adopted, the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation joined forces for the first time in history as co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit, along with two firearms retailers.

At the time the tax was pushed through by then-Council President Tim Burgess, he forecast annual revenue in the neighborhood of $300,000 to $500,000 that would be used to fund “gun violence research” and reduction efforts. Instead, in attempt to mollify plaintiffs in a second lawsuit alleging a violation of the Public Records Act, the city would only say that it has collected “less than $200,000.” That figure may be closer to $100,000 based on information from one of the two retailers in the lawsuit. Small wonder the city doesn’t care to disclose its revenue.

The city council has reportedly allocated general fund revenue to cover the cost of its gun control programs while not spending a penny of the gun tax revenue.

Meanwhile, the city has been catering to an increasing number of homeless people, who seem to have gravitated to Seattle because of all the social programs. The city has been nicknamed “Freeattle,” and that may not be the worst of it. Homeless camps have turned spots in the city into debris-laden trash dumps.

Lame duck Mayor Ed Murray, who is not running again, has been pushing to establish a “safe injection” site for drug abusers. It is ostensibly envisioned as a place where addicts will be able to use clean needles and not spread disease or be victimized. Murray, a liberal Democrat former state senator, has been accused of making such a mess of city politics that there are now 21 people running to replace him.

As for Montgomery’s commentary, it ended with this full-knuckle punch: “Save yourself the airfare for that trip to Caracas, Just head to Seattle instead, where freedom died, along with every good singer from the 90s.”

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