Sanders: Livin’ la vida 1%

Sanders and friend enjoy life not in the cheap seats.
Sanders and friend enjoy life not in the cheap seats.

As former British Prime Minister Dame Margaret Thatcher once famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Or at least words to that effect. Bernie Sanders should make note.

Not quite as famous, the individual who goes by the nom de média sociaux of SportsPickle has his own quotable quote regarding the notion of socialism: “The wealthiest 1/10th of 1% really suck until they can get you some sweet Game 7 tickets.” Perhaps using Mr. Pickle’s quote and Twitter pic as her catalyst, reporter Ashley Pratte of the new media LifeZette.com portal on May 31, 2016, notes that despite socialist presidential contender Bernie Sanders railing against capitalism being a staple of his campaign speeches, he actually has quite the history of not only soaking up the perks the über-rich enjoy, but also of being quite the for-profit kind of guy himself.

As noted, Sanders was seen with pal Danny Glover occupying not Wall Street, but rather some rather expensive seats at the seventh and final playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Reportedly, “the average cost of a ticket to the final game was a whopping $960, with the cheapest tickets starting at $350 a piece. But seats in section 108, row 15 — where Sanders and Glover sat — averaged about $1,600.” By the way, Glover’s total fortune is estimated in the neighborhood of $15 million.

Pratte also cites that some of Sanders’ own supporters are curious if it was he or Glover who dropped the $3,200 for the duo to watch a ball game that only lasted a couple of hours. And as they say on late night infomercials; but wait, there’s more.

In what Platte defined as “blatant hypocrisy,” she made a point of illustrating “the contrast between Sanders’ message and his actions.” Case in point: When the Vermont Senator was invited to speak at the Vatican City State on the topics of poverty and income inequality, Sanders failed to lead by example. Blowing off flying coach-class, Bernie chartered a private jet for himself and his rather sizable entourage.

And what would a flight on a private jet be without all the 1 percenter high class chow? As reported, the flight’s menu “included herb-crusted lamb loin, lobster sliders, selection of five cheeses offered with fresh fruit and onion jam, coriander crab salad, and to top it off, a full selection of liquor along with warm chocolate chip cookie service throughout the nine-hour flight.”

Not exactly the first time Sanders has been called out in the media, Fortune magazine published earlier this year a piece entitled How Bernie Sanders, the Socialist, Quietly Entered the Top 4% of Earners. As cited, Sanders personal worth is actually in the top 3.8 percent of all Americans.

Income sources for Mr and Mrs Sanders include his hefty US Senate paycheck, pension payments to both, several holdings in mutual funds and retirement accounts, and lastly, from Social Security. As noted, their annual income is printed simply as “more than $200,000.”

Interestingly enough, on his official website Sanders calls for a second Social Security tax slapped against those wage earners whose income is $250,000 and above. Also according to Fortune’s cited sources, Sanders and his wife’s net worth nearly half a million dollars.


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