So Much for Martyrdom: ISIS Surrenders in Large Numbers

We are seeing a huge difference between the Obama Doctrine and the Trump Doctrine as it relates to ISIS.  Liberals and their partners in crime, the mainstream media, have tried to keep a rumor going that killing members of ISIS creates even more recruits for them.  This kept Obama from getting tough on ISIS.

But after Trump took office, he declared that we would kill all ISIS soldiers who refused to lay down their arms.  With Gen. “Mad Dog” Mathis beside him, they have been keeping that promise and guess what?  ISIS is running low on soldiers.  They have had to stoop to having children deliver their suicide bombs to save the soldiers for battle.

During the Obama regime, surrender by ISIS soldiers were very rare indeed.  In the last week alone, 1,000 have surrendered.  Since January 21st, ISIS has had embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss.  The pressure has been set on high and they have steamrolled and bombed ISIS into a broken down war machine.

From The New York Times

  The prisoners were taken to a waiting room in groups of four, and were told to stand facing the concrete wall, their noses almost touching it, their hands bound behind their backs.

More than a thousand Islamic State fighters passed through that room this past week after they fled their crumbling Iraqi stronghold of Hawija. Instead of the martyrdom they had boasted was their only acceptable fate, they had voluntarily ended up here in the interrogation center of the Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq.

For an extremist group that has made its reputation on its ferociousness, with fighters who would always choose suicide over surrender, the fall of Hawija has been a notable turning point. The group has suffered a string of humiliating defeats in Iraq and Syria, but the number of its shock troops who turned themselves in to Kurdish officials at the center in Dibis was unusually large, more than 1,000 since last Sunday.

The fight for Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, took nine months, and by comparison, relatively few Islamic State fighters surrendered. Tal Afar fell next, and more quickly, in only 11 days. Some 500 fighters surrendered there.

With U.S. backing it took the Iraqi military just 15 days to capture the ISIS stronghold of  Hawija and only three of those days involved heavy fighting.  After that it was more or less a mop-up mission and the ISIS soldiers who screamed out that they would die before they gave in disappeared as Iraqis came closer.  From that point on it was a race to see who could surrender first.

The funny thing is even after we see the outcome differences between the Obama and Trump plans, liberals will continue to declare they were right.  But then again, no one said Democrat voters have brains.  Hell, many of them don’t even have pulses.  Democrats have convinced millennials that the Reagan administration was a failure.  That doesn’t work so well on the people who can remember the president.  But why do they think Reagan won reelection by winning 49 of the 50 states if he was so bad?


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