Slaughter continues in Chicago, 17 dead over the weekend

Chicago posted 17 homicides over the weekend, leaving critics to wonder how that gun control thing is working? [Dave Workman]
The City of Chicago hit something of a milestone over the final weekend of October, racking up 17 homicides and 41 wounded shooting victims in what the Chicago Tribune is calling the “deadliest weekend so far this year.”

That is saying a lot in a city that has already racked up at least 638 murders so far this year and there are still two full months remaining in 2016 to jack that number up even higher. The newspaper said there are now 217 more slayings this year than at this time last year. “At least 3,662 people have been shot in the city, 1,106 more than during the same period last year,” the Tribune added.

Despite legislation forced by two federal lawsuits – one by the Second Amendment Foundation and the other from the National Rifle Association – that created a concealed carry statute in Illinois, Chicago gun control laws still remain very restrictive.

That is, for everyone but the criminal element. Street thugs and other criminals in the Windy City still seem to have plenty of firepower. It’s a safe bet that the majority of those firearms are not legally possessed or carried.

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Now, here’s an interesting comparison. On Monday, the Seattle Police Department told Conservative Firing Line that there have been 20 homicides so far this year, and two of those were officer-involved shootings, leaving 18 that were the result of some criminal act. Translation: Chicago managed to rack up nearly as many slayings in one weekend as Seattle has posted for the entire year to date. Compared to Seattle, Chicago seems to be in a state of anarchy.

Chicago’s CBS affiliate noted that of the 17 people killed over the weekend, four were teens.

Just to put things in perspective, Chicago’s previous “big weekend” for blood in the streets was Father’s Day weekend in June. That weekend, according to the newspaper, saw 59 people shot, including 13 who died.


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