Silicon Valley Axis of Evil: Big Tech Blueprint To Help Democrats In 2022 Revealed — Report

It’s pretty much conventional wisdom that Republicans are set to shellac the Marxist evil Democrat Party in November.  But, Allum Bokhari wrote at Breitbart, Democrats have a decided advantage — Big Tech.  Or as I like to call it, the “Silicon Valley Axis of Evil,” a cabal of social media outlets and search engines run by fascists who have basically admitted they have no use for free speech.

Bokhari asked: “Republicans will have a strong message — but what if voters are prevented from hearing it?”

He went on to show the five ways the Axis powers will tilt the scales in favor of the Democrats:

#1 “Independent” Watchdogs Downgrading Conservative Media — NewsGuard Discredits The Right 

No matter how mainstream you are, you aren’t safe. NewsGuard, the establishment “misinformation” watchdog that received funding from the Pentagon and whose software is being rolled out by millions of schoolteachers across the country, recently downgraded Fox News in its rankings of trustworthy and untrustworthy news sources.

#2 Facebook Suppressing The News — If The Wrong Side Is Winning, Call Off The Game 

Silicon Valley has also found a way to censor all conservative media at the same time. For years, the left has been wailing and screaming about the success of conservative media on Facebook. Despite algorithm changes that suppressed traffic to conservative websites — by a whopping 20 percent in the case of Breitbart News — conservative media has continued to crush the competition.

#3 Taxpayer-Funded Censorship — NPR Creates Misinformation Bureau 

Meanwhile, in the media, the steady drumbeat of the “misinformation” panic continues. Taxpayer-funded NPR is running a whole series about the media-concocted crisis, with a near-exclusive focus on stories that spread in conservative circles. “Misinformation” and “disinformation,” like “fake news,” wasn’t a buzzword before Trump won, but now it is everywhere: it is pushed by think tanks, it is pushed by government-funded agencies, it is debated by congressional committees, it suddenly becomes a new responsibility of the federal government. This is how elites manufacture a crisis — every institution they control saturates the information environment to create a sense of panic.

#4 Regulatory Gridlock — No Recourse For Citizens 

The goal of the misinformation panic has always been to delegitimize conservative viewpoints and give Big Tech a pretext to censor them. So long as the Supreme Court continues to block efforts to address corporate censorship, this trend will only worsen. As things stand, tiny local radio and TV stations are subject to more stringent political neutrality requirements than Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

#5 The Institutionalization of Censorship — Facebook’s $150 Million ‘Oversight Board’ 

With the actual courts of the U.S. having their hands tied, Big Tech is funding a parallel justice system to take its place. Facebook recently announced $150 million in new funding for its “Oversight Board,” the private body where users can go to beg for their censored accounts back. Naturally, this “Facebook supreme court” is a farce — filled to the brim with leftists and globalists, it failed to overturn the most egregious act of political censorship ever conducted by Silicon Valley, the blacklisting of Donald Trump.

Bokhari concludes: “In short, Silicon Valley will ensure that the misinformation of the establishment gets a megaphone, while any conservative counterpoints are silenced. We already know from 2020 that this works. The question is, what are Republicans going to do about it?”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Good question.  My intuition tells me… nothing.

You can read the rest of Bokhari’s analysis here, and you should.


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Joe Newby

A 10-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Joe ran for a city council position in Riverside, Calif., in 1991 and managed successful campaigns for the Idaho state legislature. Co-author of "Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad," Joe wrote for Examiner.com from 2010 until it closed in 2016 and his work has been published at Newsbusters, Spokane Faith and Values and other sites. He now runs the Conservative Firing Line.

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