Silently putting our troops in places we shouldn’t be

While some are being diverted yet again by the gay marriage issue, the Trevon Martin murder case (which was self-defense by the way), and yet another overpaid useless athlete being arrested for murder, we patriots are waiting with baited breath to hear what General Carter Ham had to say about the happenings at Benghazi….Benghazi…the ONLY so-called ‘scandal’ that can actually bring this miserable excuse of a president and his equally miserable administration down.

But while we wait for word of what General Ham said behind closed doors, real stealth maneuvers are going on by the Obama administration as he works to dismantle our military while placing our troops in harms way in places where we do NOT belong. And he’s actually ‘aiding and abetting’ our enemies and rubbing America’s face in it in the process.

And the dismantling of our military starts with the recently announced elimination of at least 12 Army combat brigades (going from 45 to 33 brigades), the relocating of thousands of soldiers moving towards the objective of eliminating 80,000 troops now (from 570,000 to 490,000), along with 100,000 more active duty National Guard and Reserve soldiers in the near future, and by cutting $400 million in military construction projects. Using the excuse that he was forced into doing these cuts because of the mandated federal budget sequestration, Obama is targeting our military as he willingly, and I believe with malice, tries to turn our beloved America into a second rate military power.

But as he cuts back on funding for our military he will always find a way to help his muslim brethren, as silently and under the radar some of our troops are being transferred from Afghanistan into Syria, Jordan, and Egypt to aid the Muslim Brotherhood and the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels.

And while Obama tries to hide these transfers from ‘We the People’ they are indeed going on. Case in point, it’s been over a month since family members have heard from or had any contact with their loved ones stationed at Camp Bastion (where our fighter jets, osprey, and all our big helicopters are based) and there has been little on the VMM-264 Black Knights page for quite some time. And even on Father’s Day families could make NO contact with the troops at Camp Bastion.

And why NO contact…so that the troops could silently pack up and transfer without raising the ire of family members back home who might question why we were getting involved in yet another muslim country. In fact, Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry wants US airstrikes on the airfields under the control of Bashar al-Assad’s government forces, especially airfields supposedly used to launch supposed chemical weapons against rebel forces. But what he doesn’t say is that to do that the US would have to neutralize Syria’s air-defense system, an operation that would require 700 or more sorties…manpower equating into boots-on-the-ground.

Another fact, 900+ US military personnel, including a 700 member combat-equipped detachment (some staying on from previous joint military drills), are in Jordan ‘to bolster its defenses and prevent the Syrian civil war from spreading across the border’ so says the Jordanian press…and more are on the way. And just a few weeks ago two patriot missile batteries along with a squadron of 12 to 24 F-16 fighter jets were sent to Jordan from an ‘unspecified’ country in the Persian Gulf.

‘Unspecified’ country my eye…they came from the wind-down in Afghanistan and probably from Camp Bastion itself. So who does Obama think he’s kidding NOT only with this but with his claiming that we’re there to help with the Syrian refugees streaming into Jordan. Fighter jets and patriot missiles are NOT needed for that…I know it…you know it…and Obama knows we know it but could care less.

And add in that 300 Marines have recently been deployed to the northern Jordan border adjacent to Syria, and will remain there for months under the guise of a training exercise, but who are really there to pave the way for Obama to arm the al-Qaeda supported Syrian rebels. Obama is arming these people even though he knows the weapons he sends could end up being used on American troops…or on Israel.

Also, Obama will shortly be sending 400 US soldiers, a battalion task force from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula on a so-called ‘peacekeeping mission’ as part of a Multinational Force of Observers. Observers…NO…I don’t think so as armed US soldiers will be manning posts and checkpoints along the southeast coast of the Peninsula, supposedly to observe and report violations of the Egyptian-Israeli 1979 Camp David Peace Accords. Guess what, you don’t need armed soldiers to observe and report violations…you need armed soldiers to aid the Obama supported Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood controlled government in anticipation of and during the media announced June 30th protests calling for his removal…his removal because Morsi is pushing for a Saudi Arabian style of government in Egypt…as in strict sharia law.

The expected riots is the real reason why our troops are going to Egypt, because why else would they have been trained in crowd control measures and Molotov cocktail attack response. And that translates into Obama supporting his muslim brethren in the battle between secular Egyptians vs islamist terrorists. And our miserable excuse of a traitorous president has sent our troops to stand with his brethren…make NO mistake about it for last month $1.3 billion in US military aid was given to Morsi despite a provision to that aid that requires Morsi to certify that the Egyptian government ”is supporting the transition to civilian government’…which we all know is NOT happening now and will NOT be happening in the future for Morsi is but a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood…and they now call all the shots in Egypt.

So while we wind-down in Afghanistan Obama is stealthily winding us up to fight battles we do NOT need to fight, want to fight, and have NO business fighting…but hey his brethren come first…the loss of American troops be damned.


Jordanian special forces take part in a parade at the opening of the Special Operation Forces Exhibition (SOFEX)

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