Sign This and Free All Black People From Enslavement

NBRA Cartoon Obama Socialism1Friends,

I have placed a petition on the White House site to disband the racist Democratic Party so that their black servants will be free to act and think for themselves.  The petition will not be visible to the public until we get 150 signatures.  We need 100,000 signatures by August 11th in order to receive a reply from Obama’s White House.

This is the full description of the petition.

The Democratic Party has a long history of enslaving blacks. They were the party of slave owners. They founded the KKK after the republicans freed the slaves in the Civil War. Prevented them from voting by using poll taxes, created Jim Crow Laws, placed two KKK members into Congress, fought against civil rights for blacks and to this very day they persecute and lynch blacks in the public arena should they stray from their modern day plantations and take up views contrary to the DNC. They can’t whitewash over 150 years of their history by banning the Confederate flag they fought under for, for only four years.

The petition can be seen here.

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