SICK: Elite Private School Teacher Makes Sexually Explicit Comments About His MINOR Students (Video)

This teacher went on for nearly two hours talking about his young, female students in a graphic, sexual manner.

Iman Rasti is the Director of the Writing Center, a Middle School English Teacher, and the Seventh Grade Dean at Greens Farms Academy, a $50,000/yr private school in Westport, Connecticut.

Rasti was caught on camera speaking in sexually explicit ways about several of his female high school students to an undercover Project Veritas journalist.

When the PV journalist asks if Rasti has ever been “tempted” by his students, he nodded in reply and said, “Every day,” and added, “It’s very hard — literally and figuratively.”

The PV journalist says, “They [the students] could solve that.”

“I’m sure they can,” replies Rasti, “but that possibly means me losing my job, my reputation. It’s risky. It’s way too risky.”

Rasti tells the journalist that the girls sit in front of him and deliberately spread their legs open so that he can see their panties.

“They spread their legs wide open and that is just brutal. Brutal,” Rasti said.

“Every day, there is different panties on: green, black, white and they [students] make sure — it’s like they talk to each other, the three of them do that,” he added.

“They open their legs, and I am teaching, and I see what I see. They make sure that the panties are positioned in a way that I actually see the thing,” he said. When the journalist asks him to clarify what else he sees besides the girls’ underwear, Rasti gets very descriptive.

“Okay, they sit like this in a short, short skirt and you see the green panties inserted in — you see that,” explains Rasti.

“Well, how can you concentrate? How can you continue talking with your classroom when you see that? I don’t know for women — if you see, I don’t know, I guess for women it’s sexy to see a man with a hard on. Maybe it’s sexy, I don’t know…” he continues, “They [the students] smile and they smirk at me and they close and open, close and open a couple of times. They’re naughty.”

Rasti then makes a weird claim about teen girls’ weight and their sex life.

“So, you see a 15-year-old girl, and next year they come back to school, and she is a woman. She is a woman. There is no way — she has gained weight, just, doing nothing, so it is clear that she has had sex. A lot of sex,” said Rasti.

During a second date with the PV journalist, Rasti makes it clear that these aren’t just weird sexual fantasies that he is having, he really seems to believe that some of his students are putting on some sort of sexual show for him.

Later in the video, the private school teacher says that, on principle, he will not have sex with any of his K-12 students, but claims that he did sleep with a number of students when he was a college professor.

The comments by Rasti were so concerning that Project Veritas contacted Corporal Thomas McAndrew, a retired State Police Officer who spent 25 years leading major crime investigations and profiling offenders in Pennsylvania.

Corporal McAndrew said that what Rasti said on the videos was very concerning considering his position as a teacher.

“Concern with the fact that this is where his mindset is. His mindset is not in welcoming back a teenager who is a student, but instead, he’s obsessed with a sexual connotation or the sexual aspect of that student. Why his mind would go there is very concerning,” said McAndrew. “Again, fantasy is one thing, thinking it is another thing. But when he has blurred the lines and started to justify all of his behavior, it is certainly a concern to us.”

“It is predatory. When somebody is this obsessed with a fantasy, it starts to rule their life. They start to move in a direction of losing the concept of reality. The reality is he’s a teacher,” said McAndrews. “He’s in a power position. He should be worried about educating these children. Instead, his focus is more on constantly — it seems, constantly obsessed with sexual aspects of these children.”

Wow. Thank God for Project Veritas exposing what is going on in schools!

It seems that these perverts are everywhere. No wonder more parents are choosing to homeschool their kids.

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