Should Santa skip Chicago, where body count not certain?

Chicago’s homicide count is edging toward at least 775 for the year.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that more than 4,000 people have been shot so far this year in the Windy City, which suggests Santa Claus has a long “naughty” list for the southwest tip of Lake Michigan, and maybe he ought to skip that region altogether for his own safety.

Law Enforcement Today reported that as of Dec. 16, “the number of people killed by gun violence in the city was listed at 744.”

But now the Chicago Sun Times reported Tuesday there have been 755 homicides in the city so far this year, so that number must include murder victims who weren’t shot.

However, the normally reliable website HeyJackass was reporting Tuesday there have been 770 slayings in the city, including 36 people who were murdered so far in December.

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This raises the question why should Santa stop in a city so deadly that nobody can keep an accurate count of the dead bodies piling up?

According to the Chicago Tribune report, through Sunday the number of people shot was 1,414 more than in all of 2019, and the city still has one full holiday weekend and New Year’s Eve during which the city’s criminal element can steal more holiday cheer from those yet to be murdered, and the families they will leave to grieve.

With this many homicides already on the books for 2020, and almost certainly more to come, Chicago is going to once again have the dubious distinction of producing more murders than some entire states, perhaps even combined states.

Last year, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the combined murder total in Idaho, Oregon and Washington came to 327. That leaves plenty of room to add Montana (27) and Wyoming (13), plus North and South Dakota (45 combined), plus the 66 slayings in Utah and there is still enough space to add Nevada with its 147 killings. All of these states together produced 625 homicides, and they dare to call themselves “the Wild West.”

If Chicago sticks to pattern, by the end of this week, you might also add New Mexico’s 146 murders posted last year and the number would still be running in second place, by a thin margin, if the HayJackass data is correct.

Now, considering all the states mentioned have far more legal gun owners combined than Chicago, and most definitely more citizens packing concealed sidearms than in all of Illinois, and you have another math dilemma for the gun control lobby.

The problem in Chicago isn’t guns, and it’s not even the sub-category of people who are legally licensed to carry guns every day because they’re not the ones doing the shooting.

It’s a criminal element, the same people for whom Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recently suggested to the Sun Times might get their records for drug offenses expunged because in some areas of the city, drug dealing “was the only economy that they had.”

Nobody would be off the hook for murder or more serious offenses, but according to the Sun Times article, she wants to help “those caught up in the drug war move on with their lives by automatically expunging criminal records so those convicted don’t have to take any actions to get their records wiped clean after they serve their sentences. Her office has already automatically expunged about 2,200 low-level pot convictions for possession of 30 grams or less, the amount of weed that’s now legal to have.”

Much of Chicago’s lethal violence appears to be related to gangs and drugs. The criminal element isn’t supposed to have guns—laws on the books were adopted to prevent that from happening—but they haven’t worked. What they have done is encumber honest citizens with red tape before they can exercise their constitutional rights. Adding more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners isn’t going to improve the situation, either, say gun owners.

Perhaps the best gift Santa could bring to Chicago is a feeling of goodwill, but he better bring lots of it. The cemeteries are filling up fast.


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