Shock Polls: Majority says political debate encourages violence

President Donald Trump’s lightning rod administration is bringing out the worst in people, according to polling data. (Source: Flickr)

The country may be on the brink of violence over politics.

Two national surveys conducted in the wake of last week’s shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise show that an overwhelming majority of Americans think the tone of political debate is encouraging violence, and that the country is in genuine danger of such violence.

Adding to that is a third poll showing that voter anger is evenly split between supporters of President Donald Trump and those who oppose him.

Rasmussen Reports and CBS News both released surveys on the growing political discord Monday, and the numbers aren’t good. According to Rasmussen, 76 percent of likely U.S. Voters think there is “a danger of political violence.”

According to CBS, about three-fourths of Americans believe the “current tone of politics and debate is encouraging violence among some people.” Perhaps most alarming is that more Democrats (85%) than Republicans (68%) or Independents (68%) think that. Does this mean Democrats are more prone to violence because more are thinking about it?

Rasmussen’s survey was as dire, with 81 percent of Democrats thinking there is greater danger of political violence, while 74 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Independents agree.

Would-be political assassin James Hodgkinson was a far left liberal Bernie Sanders supporter who shot four people before being fatally wounded by police at the baseball field in Alexandria. He reportedly fired a lot of rounds that didn’t hit anyone.

Rasmussen’s survey noted that 69 percent of all voters “are at least somewhat concerned that those opposed to Trump’s policies will resort to violence, including 43 percent who are very concerned.” Only 30 percent are not concerned that Trump opponents will resort to violence.

CBS also revealed that about one third of Americans think the Scalise shooting was a terrorist act.

These poll results raise a serious question. With so many people believing political violence may be inevitable – the Scalise attack certainly underscoring this sentiment – just what is the potential for a major outbreak?

If Hodgkinson’s attack on the Virginia baseball field is merely a harbinger of things to come, the country could be in for a rough ride with the heat of summer looming. Hot weather makes for hotter tempers and short fuses.


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