Shock Poll Shows NFL Football No Longer Favorite US Sport

How the mighty hath fallen.  There is no better example than NFL football.  For many years, it enjoyed the title as the most popular sport in America, but that’s all over now.  In fact, it has gotten so bad that football, professional anyway, now has the highest unfavorable rating of any major sport.

From The Mail Online

As players, coaches and owners continue to protest during the the National Anthem, the NFL struggles to gripe with a new poll that shows that they are no longer America’s favorite sport.

Favorable ratings for the NFL have dropped from 57 percent to 44 percent from the end of August to the end of September. 

Meanwhile, the unfavorable rating for the league is the highest among any big sport – 40 percent – according to the Winston Group survey.

In August and September, baseball had the highest favorable rating than any other sport at 63 and 65 percent. 

While the sport was already seeing lower TV ratings accompanied vacant seating in stadiums, the accompaniment of the National Anthem protest with outlandish criticism from Trump has caused core fans, men aged 34-54, to turn their attention elsewhere.

Among those fans, the favorable rating went from 73 to 42 percent and the unfavorable rating rose from 19 to 47 percent.

It all began last season when a black player by the name of Colin Kaepernick decided to disrespect America and our veterans by taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.  This is the same Kaepernick who was raised by a very well-to-do white couple and not by a player who suffered both economically and racially.  Soon, other spoiled NFL millionaires decided they too would protest the same country that gave them the opportunity to get rich playing a kid’s game.

This year it became worse, with more players, coaches and owners joining the protest in answer to President Trump, who said any player who disrespects the American flag should be fired or suspended right away.

The perks that the NFL and the players enjoyed were large attendance numbers and large TV audiences that led to huge money to the teams and unreal contracts for its players.  Games are played with an enormous amount of fans disguising themselves as empty seats and viewing numbers tanking big time.  And although the NFL still get big bucks from stations that carry its games, that won’t last long if the boycott continues.

As viewership declines, companies who advertise are seeing their return on investment tank and they are demanding lower rates for commercials, which the NFL will have to deal with by refunding part of the money from their TV contracts or face a huge decrease in bids when the new contracts are up for bidding.  Ultimately, it’s the players who will suffer most as owners have less money for payroll.

He has been extremely vocal about his reaction to NFL protest that sparked following his comments at a rally in Alabama

Trump tweeted about the ratings going down but only attributes that to people being upset about the protest and not actually those who support Kaepernick 

He has demanded that the NFL make it mandatory - because it is currently not - for players to stand for the anthem

Players protest in London but manage to stand for “God Save the Queen.”

More From The Mail Online

Donald Trump predicted on September 27 that the National Football League will ‘go to hell’ if they don’t listen to his demand for a ban on protests during pre-game playing of the National Anthem.

That pronouncement followed a stinging rebuke of the league the previous night during a Republican Party fundraising dinner in New York, where he blasted NFL executives for picking and choosing what kind of social-awareness campaigns are allowed on the field.


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