Shock Poll: Mueller Investigation will drive GOP voters to vote

A new Rasmussen survey suggests the continued Mueller investigation will bring more GOP voters to the polls in November. (Screen snip, YouTube, C-SPAN)

A stunning new poll released Wednesday suggests that the continuing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of the 2016 election “is actually going to drive Republicans to vote this year for candidates endorsed by President Trump.”


Rasmussen Reports revealed that 31 percent of likely voters say the Mueller probe “will make them more likely to vote this year for a candidate endorsed by President Trump, while just as many (32%) say it will make them less likely to vote for such a candidate.”


However, “45 percent of Republicans say Mueller’s investigation will make them more likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate this year…” Rasmussen noted.


Back in April, another Rasmussen survey revealed that 40 percent of likely voters “now consider Mueller’s probe a partisan witch hunt, an eight-point increase from 32% in the earlier survey.”


While Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues are looking for a big win in November and a flip of the House, if not the whole Congress, in January, these new numbers suggest she may be a bit too optimistic.


The Left may have more trouble than it needs, and that seems to trickle down to local politics. In Seattle, the city council appears poised to adopt a “head tax” on large and small businesses in the city to help finance programs for the homeless. Seattle policies have made the city a magnet for what many critics are starting to call “professional homeless” people who are coming from all over the map with their hands out. Tent camps, people living in parked cars, RVs, pickup trucks, vans and other vehicles are springing up all over the Seattle landscape.


In the Seattle Times, two former mayors – Tim Burgess and Charles Royer – are telling the council that the “head tax” on employees is “a terrible idea.” A vote is pending.


Meanwhile, The Hill is reporting that eager Democrats are already starting an “invisible primary” in preparation for the 2020 presidential election. According to the story, “Would-be candidates are hitting the trail, sharpening their positions, seeking the right political “lane” and holding private conversations with donors about their prospects.”