Shock poll: Democrat voters say time for party leadership to change

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is part of a Democrat leadership that a majority of likely voters think should be replaced. (YouTube)

A stunning 58 percent of likely U.S. voters who identify as Democrats think it is time for their party’s leadership to change, a new Rasmussen survey has revealed.

According to Rasmussen Reports, only 31 percent of likely Democratic voters think the current party leadership represents most Democrats. Only 11 percent are undecided.

This comes at a time when Democrats have increasingly taken the position of a “resistance” rather than working to find compromise with the Republican majority or the White House.

“By comparison,” Rasmussen reported, “a plurality (48%) of Likely Republican Voters believes the GOP’s current national leadership is representative of most Republicans. Slightly fewer (45%) say the party needs to find new leaders.

“Among all likely voters,” Rasmussen continued, “only 23% feel the Democratic leadership is representative of their voter base, while 64% think new leadership is needed. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure.”

These are rather impressive numbers, but it appears doubtful that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or her cohorts will pay any attention. Instead, they seem determined to fight any efforts to make changes to the Obama administration programs.

The survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted June 22 and 25, with a +/- 3 percentage point margin of error, according to Rasmussen.

This new poll comes on the heels of a fourth-in-a-row special election loss for Democrats in Georgia last week; a race in which a fortune had been spent to win a vacant seat. It comes two weeks after a liberal extremist who volunteered for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign opened fire on Republicans at a Virginia baseball park where they were practicing for the annual congressional baseball charity event. It arrived on the same day that the University of Washington released a study showing the Seattle minimum wage law – a major agenda trophy for liberal Evergreen State Democrats – was actually a disaster, having cost low income workers an average of $125 a month in wages (when it was supposed to increase their take home pay), and may have cost the city some 5,000 jobs.

And on Monday, the Supreme Court reinstated most of the Trump travel ban and announced that arguments on the ban will occur in October. It was a devastating turnabout for liberal Democrats including Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, the latter who had sued the Trump administration over the ban earlier this year.

Democrat Ferguson is “deeply disappointed” and is vowing to continue the fight while declaring that the high court has rejected the administration’s argument, which some might see as a case of denial. The ruling was a victory for Trump.

The long term Democrat agenda is beginning to fray badly at the seams, if not fall apart. Pelosi, anti-gun Sen. Charles Schumer, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and their far-left ideologue colleagues could be in serious trouble.

If it is time for a change, it needs to happen soon for the party to have any semblance of a chance for recovering lost ground in the 2018 mid-term election. Otherwise, Hollywood might want to do a reality series on the party leadership and call it “Dead Wood.”

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