SHOCK POLL!!: 29% Would Support Military Coup to Oust Obama and Congress

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Royal Thai Army M41 tanks during the 2006 Thai coup d’état

In a poll taken by YouGov, 29% of Americans would support a military style coup to remove Obama from office.  Only 41 percent said they could never support such a move.

While the idea of a coup is in the minority, it is statistically significant.  In your lifetime, can you honestly say that you have ever seen anywhere near that much support for such a move?  The only time I can think of a military coup being contemplated in the United States was early in the 1800s and was for monetary gain and power, not an oppressive government.

But perhaps it’s not as surprising as one may think.  The conditions today are not much different than they were in the 1770s.

Basic freedoms were denied.  Religious freedom under attack.  Massive taxes.  The government suppressing private property rights. (EPA, BLM, DOJ, NLRB, etc., etc.)  People were pushed to the end of their endurance until they had no choice but to take up arms.

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