Shia LaBeouf has french fry melt-down; new movie bombs in UK, only three tix sold

LaBeouf pointing out the obvious. (Wiki)
LaBeouf pointing out the obvious. (Wiki)

It’s been a rough 2017 for ex-child star and current alleged adult actor Shia LaBeouf. He started out the new year by streaming live his personal anti-Trump social media happening.

LaBeouf showed off his tough guy and/or street rapper persona by committing assault and battery against a supposed “white nationalist” who interrupted his internet protest.

Never mind that fact that LaBeouf stood half a head taller and outweighed the supposed Neo-Nazi by at least 50 pounds, as seen in the video below.

Happily, LaBeouf’s self-streamed evidence of committing a crime was obviously seen by New York’s Finest.

As Fox News reported, LaBeouf was eventually arrested for a separate act of violent physical contact with a different individual during the course of his so-called “performance art project.”

But fast forward a couple of months. Possibly LaBeouf hoped for better days ahead, especially with the just released movie “Man Down” in which he plays a recently discharged US Marine back home dealing with PTSD.

Then again… maybe not.

As the showbiz news site Variety notes, the British opening of the film fell flatter than what passes for English haute cuisine.

In the northern English town of Burnley, the UK premier managed to sell a whopping three tickets. That’s right – three.

The Shia LaBeouf thriller “Man Down” has managed to triple the number of general-public paid admissions in Britain – from one ticket sold to three.

During its U.K. opening weekend last weekend, it sold a single ticket in its only venue, the Reel Cinema in Burnley, northern England, taking in a whopping £7 ($8.73), according to data tracker comScore. That admission is believed to have been a single student ticket priced at £6.90 (comScore rounds its data up to the nearest pound).

But fret no Shiaphiles, Variety reports that there may be hope yet for the film. And it just may be Her Majesty’s Armed Forces that come to the rescue.

The film has seen a slight boost, however, from a specialist theater chain that provides films for military personnel and their dependents in the U.K. and overseas. SSVC Forces Cinemas has eight theaters in the U.K.

It was further reported that the movie will be shown at one RAF base and one British Army camp, both in the south-central part of England.

Possibly in a move to boost overseas ticket sales, the British Armed Forces will also show the film to servicemen stationed in the Falkland Islands. As if being stationed in the Falklands isn’t punishment enough.

But I digress. TMZ managed to get their hands on video of LaBeouf freaking out in a Los Angeles bowling alley, calling the bartender a “racist” for not serving his french fries.

Shia LaBeouf got kicked out of an L.A. bowling alley Wednesday night after freaking out on a bartender, calling him a “f***ing racist.”

Shia was at Pinz in Studio City and according to one eyewitness, he was there for 3 hours pounding back beers.

We’re told Shia got rowdy in Jerry’s Deli, which is connected to Pinz, and got into a verbal altercation when the staff told him to leave. We’ve obtained additional video that shows Shia was going off about a bartender refusing to serve him french fries. French fries.

The person he’s calling a “racist” was the bartender. It’s unclear why he thinks the guy was racist.

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