Sheriff’s source: 2 million terrorists have entered U.S.

AS radical leftists and their Islamic jihadi counterparts, a/k/a the “red-green alliance”, light fires all across America — the heretofore greatest Democratic Republic, bar none — overpaid, overprivileged, and hyper-violent ignoramuses demand that law-abiding Americans give up their guns! Travis Kelce, this finger is pointing at your swollen head!!

ALAS, as he knocks down, intimidates, is in-the-face of his coach — imagine that — this steroid-fueled, mental-midget possesses limitless temerity. Yes, he hectors (wait and see) the likes of so-called “bitter clingers” (remember that?!) to turn in their guns! In a pig’s eye. Even more so, this investigative journalist dares this baboon (and his posse) to start up with millions of “good ole’ boys” (and their significant others) and see who comes out on top!

NOT only that, the aforementioned comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s jaw-dropping analysis.

ALL of which brings the grave threat to national security here.

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Sheriff’s source: 2 million terrorists have entered U.S.

(Feb. 15, 2024)

Coming through Biden’s open border

There’s a new report that charges there might be two million terrorists who have gained access to the United States, and are inside the borders now, as a result of Joe Biden’s open borders policies for the nation’s security.

That some have entered is without doubt, as border security teams have confirmed they’ve stopped even those on terror watch lists at the border, and those experts really have no way of monitoring those they miss.

Biden opened the borders when he took office by halting virtually all of the border security measures that had been assembled under the term of President Doanld Trump.

Since then so many millions of illegals have entered the nation that even “sanctuary” cities whose officials purport to be in support of the world’s migrant population have been insisting that the floods be halted.

Now reporter William J. Kelly has posted a report, citing a source from the National Sheriff’s Association.

That information explains two million suspected terrorists may have crossed the border already into the U.S.

Kelly, in his “Chicago Files” report, noted the Democratic National Convention is scheduled in Chicago.

That leaves circumstances putting a “bull’s-eye” on the city, he said.

Border experts have confirmed that many of those entering the U.S. across Biden’s open border are men, of military age, and often traveling without family.

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