Sheriff Joe is appointed a Monitor


America’s favorite sheriff since Andy Taylor of Mayberry has been given a monitor by a federal judge.  Unfortunately for the illegal aliens and the ACLU, the terms are not very restrictive and all things considered not a bad deal according to Joe’s attorney.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow has appointed a monitor to keep track of the activities of the Sheriff and his department.  Sheriff Joe will still have full power to assign duties and to do the day to day directing of his force, but the monitor can file a complaint if he or she feels that the department is guilty of violating the court order.  The court would then make a decision, whether Sheriff joe had violated the agreement.

One of the complaints lodged against Sheriff Joe was that he had excessive patrols in Hispanic neighborhoods.  That could be because there is more crime in some of those areas.  Most police departments assign more patrols in that type of situation.

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