Sheriff Clarke busts (and drops) drunken troublemaker on flight

A real American hero - Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. (Twitter)
A real American hero – Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. (Twitter)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. isn’t just one of the most recognized lawmen in the United States, he’s also one of the most respected. The latest episode involving the Wisconsin gunslinger illustrate that this is Sheriff Clarke’s world. The rest of us are just visiting.

As it turns out, Clark was catching a short haul flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte when a certain Preston Bluntson decided to get a bit on the inebriated and somewhat lippy side.

As reported by Simon Holmes of the Daily Mail of London, England,

  • Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr apprehended an abusive man
  • Clarke and others on the flight were verbally abused by Preston Bluntson 
  • Bluntson, an African American, accused Clarke of not being ‘one of us’
  • As the plane landed Clarke toppled the drunk man and police arrested him

An outspoken pro-Trump sheriff floored a drunk and verbally aggressive passenger as their flight was landing.

Preston Bluntson, 36, was arrested and charged with intoxication and disruptive behavior after an American Airlines flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte on Saturday.

He was detained by David A. Clarke Jr, the Milwaukee County Sheriff who rose to fame when he spoke at the Republican National Convention this summer, before they touched down after the confrontation. 

In an article for Christian website Patheos, Clarke said Bluntson was drunk and ‘kept causing problems’ – although he insisted he was not the sole target of the man’s vitriol.

‘He was yelling at passengers, the flight attendants, and would not calm down no matter what,’ the sheriff wrote.

‘One newspaper reported incorrectly that the man was berating me the entire flight, which wasn’t true. Had he come at me with that, I would’ve just kicked his ass.’

‘However, I had to act when we were trying to touch down and he ran down the aisle.’

A passenger on the American Airlines flight said Bluntson kept using a racial epithet, accused Clarke of ‘closing our parks’ and said the sheriff is ‘not one of us.’

The passenger also said the sheriff was on the back of the small plane, which has around 12 rows, and that a number of people on the flight tried to engage with Bluntson in order to calm him down.

‘In all my years flying, I’ve never seen anything like it,’ the passenger said.

‘The sheriff handled himself extremely well. It could have gotten a lot worse because the guy was not backing down,’ he added.

Clarke shared his article explaining the rationale behind detaining the drunk passenger on his Twitter page and many replied showing their approval for his actions.

One woman, who says she is a retired flight attendant, commented that she appreciates his ‘assistance to the crew’ while another said the sheriff didn’t need to ‘explain himself’ and that he should be appointed the head of the FBI.

When the plane landed Clarke held the abusive man down in aisle and waited for Charlotte police to come on-board and arrest him.

A handful of officers then met Bluntson when he left the plane, and Clarke filled out paperwork on the incident, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.


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