Sheila Jackson Lee demands something be done when planes go off ‘discerned or destinated…destiny and destination’

sjl4On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh played a clip of Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the “Congressional boss from Hell,” rambling about Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

It’s obvious Lee has no clue what she’s talking about.

Here’s the transcript, courtesy of Rush Limbaugh:

“I call upon the aviation industry to stop hiding behind costs and how much it costs and start ensuring that our pilots and our customers, our flying public, are safe.  Why do we have the capacity, uh, to dismantle the transponders?  Why wasn’t the emergency call already in place that it automatically signals when a[n] aircraft goes off its, uh, discerned or destinated — uh, destiny and destination –”

She continued:

“– uh, as relates to, uh, its flight pattern.”

“Why does it have to be done manually?” she asked.

“Oh, my God, folks, are we in so much trouble,” Limbaugh said.  “This is a congressional leader.  This whole thing is a satire, is a parody.  ‘I call upon the ‘avenation’ industry, to stop hiding behind cost and how much things cost and start ensuring that our beloved pilots and our precious customers, our precious flying public are safe!  Why can somebody turn off the transponder?'”

The “discerned destinated destiny,” Limbaugh observed, was Beijing.

This, by the way, is the same woman who recently said the Constitution is 400 years old.  No wonder we’re in the shape we’re in…

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