Sexist? MSNBC guest slams women in Trump’s White House: ‘Smaller minds than his small hands’

While appearing on Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s AM Joy, Democratic guest and equal rights attorney Tamara Holder degraded and smeared women in the Trump White House with a sexist attack, calling them “very, very weak-minded” and having “smaller minds than his small hands.”

The segment began with clips of women in the Trump administration, from Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Kellyanne Conway and Elaine Chao, defending President Trump over his public Twitter spat with the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“What do you make of that full-scale defense? Elaine Chao — who is the wife of the Senate Majority Leader who President Trump gave a job to, which is an interesting tactic as well — also defended him. What do you make of the women in Trump’s life’s response?” Reid asked.

“I think that the women in Donald Trump’s life probably have smaller minds than his small hands because, if they had any decency as women — Joy, you have a father. If your father ever said anything like this about another woman, you would probably grab them by the back of the neck just like I would to my dad and say, ‘What are you doing? Apologize.’ He has continued to surround himself — Donald Trump — with very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him. We are seeing Donald Trump explode from very, very far away,” Holder said.

She wasn’t finished, by the way, adding:

Imagine the fear that these women have when they’re up close with him. You can’t fight fire with fire if you’re standing right next to it. It’s going to explode, and you’re going to blow up. So this is why he has surrounded himself with women who can’t do anything other than defend him — kind of defend him or just not say anything.

Holder came under fire for her hypocrisy on Twitter, BizPac Review said:


Not anymore…


We agree.  Imagine for just one second what would have happened if this were said about any liberal woman?  Unfortunately, we now live in an era where some are more equal than others.

Exactly.  The entire Democrat-media complex would be in complete meltdown and would demand his immediate impeachment and execution.  Just look at what they’re doing over a tweet where Trump takes down someone with “CNN” stamped over his face.

Here’s video of her comments:

A post at Real Clear Politics reminded readers that Holder once told Sean Hannity she’d “rather be a MILF than a fat, loser woman.”

In 2013, Mediaite reported:

During a Wednesday evening Hannity segment on the overplayed Adam Levine non-troversy, things became a bit heated when the topic turned to whether conservatives can take a joke — including one guest’s exclamation that she would rather be called a “MILF” than a “fat, loser woman.”

Guests Tamara Holder and Michelle Fields were going head-to-head over whether Levine’s silly “I hate this country” comment means he actually hates America before things somehow got even sillier.

“You typically hear this liberal saying that conservatives are always outraged by everything, they don’t know how to take a joke,” Fields told her liberal co-panelist. “Look, we know how to take a joke. It’s not our fault if you don’t know how to deliver it.”

“Oh, like Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin a MILF?” Holder shot back, referring to the HBO host and other liberal comics referring to the former Alaskan governor as a “Mother I’d Like to Fornicate” (that’s not the real “F” here, but you get the point).

“You think it’s appropriate to call a mother that name?” Hannity asked Holder.

“You actually said that on Hannity’s show one time. You enjoy being called that,” Fields chimed in…

And these are the people who want to lecture you and I about what’s sexist and what isn’t.


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