Settlements instead of peace…or so say the Palestinians

“We are continuing to work with the Americans.” 
Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks stalled

With the ‘so-called’ Palestinians refusing to budge on the all-important issue of formally recognizing Israel as a Jewish state along with forgoing the ‘right of return’ (they have NO right to return to anything)…and with the Palestinians claiming that Israel continues to reject their peace efforts by refusing to comply with the rules of international law for resolving said conflict (translation: for refusing to accept peace based on the now indefensible pre-’67 borders)…the diplomatic solution to the Israeli/Palestinian issue is for all intents and purposes coming to a grounding halt.

And recently, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni voiced concerns about having Israel going forward with these talks if the Palestinians do NOT commit themselves to continuing the negotiations past the April 29th deadline.

Also, a few weeks ago Israeli Radio reported that US officials are working to revive the negotiations by perhaps putting on the table the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in exchange for Israel abiding by their previous agreement to free the rest of the convicted terrorists and murderers…something that has been demanded by PA President Mahmoud Abbas if peace talks are to continue.

But now the Palestinians are angry that Israel has delayed this release and most likely will outright cancel the release of those remaining prisoners, but who cares that they’re angry for Israel does NOT do well with threats and a threat is what Fatah official Hazem Abu Shanab issued when he said, “Israel will regret its decision not to go through with the release of the fourth batch.” 
Yet even with this newest threat and after PA crybabies went running to the international media whining that Israel had refused to release the final batch of terrorists and murders, Benjamin Netanyahu…who is facing condemnation from hard-line members in his coalition over the release and facing a possible collapse of his government because of it…told his Likud Party ministers that Israel will NOT free the last of the prisoners unless it gets something in return and that freeing the prisoners, if it is to go through at all, will take several days to finalize. He also added that any further agreements will be subject to a government vote. “Either it will be finalized or it will implode; in any event, no deal will be made in the absence of a clear exchange benefiting both parties,” said Netanyahu.

Besides, with there being very little progress in the peace process to date, and with recent statements made by PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat that Mahmoud Abbas was staying in the talks only to secure the prisoner releases, Israeli officials are rightfully reconsidering the deal. I say screw the Palestinians…let the whole damn anything but a peace process implode as the Palestinians are owed NOTHING…therefore they deserve NOTHING.

Remember, last July in what was supposed to be a goodwill gesture on Israel’s part and a precondition to the peace talks, Israel agreed to release a total of 104 prisoners in four batches…batches of terrorists and murderers tried and convicted for killing Israelis, including children. In return, the Palestinians promised (a muslim’s promise is worth NOTHING…can you say taqiyya) NOT to abandon the peace talks and to stop their efforts to push for recognized statehood with the UN…or the U(seless) N(ations) as I call them. 

Israel has already released 78 of these bast*rds, but several of those released have taken part in the ongoing terrorist attacks against Israel and yet the Palestinians could care less and have demanded even more. Demands that include Israel agreeing to freeze all settlement construction…a demand Netanyahu has completely rejected. And standing up to the Palestinians, Israel has rightfully made demands of their own…demands that include the prisoner release be contingent upon a commitment from the Palestinians to extend peace negotiations beyond April, but the Palestinians want the prisoners freed first and only then will they agree to extend talks.

Under NO conditions should Israel agree to this even though Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, rejected Israel’s demand outright saying that the peace talks and the prisoner release are two distinct issues, and then threatened Israel that they either release the prisoners or the Palestinians will pursue both statehood and sanctions against them for its occupation of land the Palestinians claim for a state.

So when all the tit-for-tat is stripped away what the Palestinians have done is drawn their own red line in the sand, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama has helped them draw it. And lest we forget that our miserable excuse of a Secretary of State, John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, has been pushing both sides…but more so Israel…to accept the U.S. ‘framework’ of principles for a final status agreement …“or else.”

And just yesterday Kerry suggested that to move the peace talks forward Israel should now be known as the “national homeland for Jews.” What an insult to Israel and Jews everywhere as this way Jews are corralled into a ‘detention camp’ style homeland instead of being citizens of the Jewish State of Israel.
And as to Kerry’s “or else”…it’s obvious that neither he nor Obama have learned that Benjamin Netanyahu does NOT do well with threats…does NOT do well with blackmail…and especially does NOT do well with either one of these two men who side with Israel’s enemies. And to add insult to injury, being that he just wrapped up his failed talks with his Russian counterpart to end the Ukrainian crisis, yesterday Kerry went directly to Israel in order to save…translation: to screw up…the failing Israel/Palestinian anything but peace talks.

So it continues on as Barack HUSSEIN Obama gets his knife ready to once again stab Israel in the back.

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