Seriously? Middle school student suspended for liking gun photo on Instagram

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suspende gun Instagram
Edgewood Middle School in Trenton, Ohio. (Screengrab/WLWT)

On Monday, Chattanooga’s WRCB reported that Zachary Bowlin, a seventh-grade student at Trenton, Ohio’s Edgewood Middle School, received a 10-day suspension for liking a photo of a gun on Instagram.  Making the situation worse, the deadly weapon in the incident was an Airsoft gun.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong,” the young man said. “[The] next morning, they called me down and, like, patted me down and checked me for weapons. Then, they told me I was getting expelled or suspended or whatever.”

According to the report, the official reason given the boy’s parents was, “liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.”


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WRCB added:

“I was livid,” said Zachary’s father Martin Bowlin. “He never shared, he never commented, never made a threatening post … [he] just liked it.”

In a statement released to WXIX, the superintendent of Edgewood City Schools said:

I assure you that any social media threat will be taken serious, including those who ‘like’ the post when it potentially endangers the health and safety of students or adversely affects the educational process.

Administrators agreed to lift the suspension after speaking with Zachary’s parents, the report said.

One can only imagine what went down at that meeting…

One Twitter user observed:

As would I…

Bingo.  But sadly, when it comes to anything even related to guns, common sense and schools don’t mix.


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