Senseless black on white crime…and NO outrage from ‘supposed’ black leaders

3 killersBecause they were bored…22-year-old Chris Lane, here in the US from Australia on a baseball scholarship, was visiting his girlfriend in Oklahoma. Last Friday, out on a jog in the wee hours of the morning and minding his own business, Lane was shot dead from behind by two black teenagers (the third teen was an accessory to murder after the fact) for NO other reason than they were bored…bored to the point where killing an innocent white man became a thrill with NO remorse felt all.

In Marietta, GA, sweet precious little 13-month-old Antonio West was being pushed by his baby killedmom in a stroller when she was approached by two black youths. “Give me your money or I’m going to kill you and I’m going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,” said De’Marquise Elkins, and he did just that…shooting this innocent baby right between the eyes as his mom watched on in horror … powerless to intervene because this piece of human garbage had dropped her to the ground with bullets to her legs.

Last month, walking home through a Milwaukee park, Christopher Simpson was savagely beaten just about to the point of unconsciousness by a group of young black men outraged over the recently handed down NOT guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Shouting, “This is for Trayvon Martin,” according to those who witnessed the attack, these angry young black men didn’t stop beating Simpson until others came to his aid.

All white victims…all black perpetrators…and if Barack HUSSEIN Obama had a son would he look like any of these young black men or is that comparison reserved only for when it’s a black youth killed in self-defense by a white man.

And these are just three recent examples of many recent black on white crimes that the media tries to keep silent…that our president, the man who stirred up all the racial tensions in the Zimmerman case, chooses to completely ignore…and that the infamous race-baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton either remain silent on or just give passing lip service to these black on white crimes.

“This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail,” Jesse Jackson said after the murder of Chris Lane. ‘Senseless violence is frowned upon’…’the justice system must prevail’…words said with NO passion…NO outrage…NO feeling whatsoever…just an obligatory statement made for his photo-op de jour after a number of conservative commentators questioned why black leaders like himself…leaders who were so ‘out there’ in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting were silent on the truth about Lane’s murder.

Remember Jackson’s race baiting written statement in the Chicago Sun-Times in regards to the Trayvon Martin shooting, “We need a national investigation of the racial context that led to Trayvon Martin’s slaying,” Jackson wrote. This hypocritical man wants a national investigation into the self-defense killing of a teen found with HCP in his system…a killing that had NOTHING to do with race…but he just ‘frowns upon’ the cold-blooded admitted thrill killing of white Chris Lane.

And so after his hurriedly issued ‘frown upon’ statement…a statement which basically excuses the murder of Chris Lane, Jackson can now get back to his profitable ‘hate whitey’ business, for in his eyes justice is only served when whites are held accountable for the deaths of young (guilty) black men, but when young black men get restless it seems whites are fair game.

And what can I say about Al Sharpton…the mouth that spews out more words of hate and contention then most of the other white-haters combined…a man who uses race as his calling card to stir up violence where none existed before…a rich black man feeding off the backs of poor blacks who are too blind to see that they’re being used for his own personal gain…NOT a word from this man about Chris Lane, Antonio West, or Christopher Simpson for he’s probably hard at work thinking of a way to at least twist Lane’s death into being of his own doing, after all the two black teenagers were just being boys…and boys will be boys you know (and I say that with all sarcasm intended).

But make NO mistake about it for if Chris Lane, Antonio West, and Christopher Simpson had been black and their accused had been white, Al Sharpton would be marching, protesting, and demanding that justice be served…and selling Tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and photos along the way.

And if truth be told it’s these very ‘supposed’ black leaders and others of their ilk who are the ones responsible for the failures of some black youth, for these men preach hate and self-perceived injustices as they feed upon the myth that white Americans owe black Americans for injustices done long before anyone alive today was even born. These men have with malice used that myth to divide America into ‘them’ and ‘us’…into black and white…painting black youths as victims…victims that feel they have the right to lash out at those they’ve been taught to see as the reason for their failures.

These ‘supposed’ black leaders absolutely refuse to even entertain the possibility that the culture of black youth itself…a culture built upon the assumption that it’s acceptable if NOT outright required to be a thug…along with attitudes and values built NOT upon self-responsibility but upon self-destructiveness, which in and of itself begets failure and might be why so many young black men turn to violence, especially violence against whites, for they see violence as the only way of achieving self-importance.

And these ‘supposed’ black leaders continue to feed into this destructiveness for they have cultivated a culture where the rule of law does NOT apply to them and’ killing for the thrill of it because they were bored’ is made excuses for.

The George Zimmerman trial was a media circus…the killers of Chris Lane, Antonio West, Christopher Simpson, and the many other whites killed by angry young black men will most likely be buried deep within the newspapers and NOT reported on at all by the Obama controlled media.

How sad for the victims families and how sad for us all.


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