Sending us to war with a country we’re NOT at war with…at least NOT yet

Gas-Mask-IDFHaving shot his big mouth off one too many times about ‘red lines’ now Obama has to save face and put up or shut up…and so he is sending America to war but NOT for the reasons he claims he’s doing that for.

Saying he’s NOT only concerned about the rising death toll in Syria, but also concerned with the ‘neighborhood’ as a whole (only a community organizer would call volatile warring countries a ‘neighborhood’)…a ‘neighborhood’ full of oil…oil translating into dollars…lots and lots of dollars…dollars he wishes to get his hands on to feed his radical leftist agenda…and more importantly a ‘neighborhood’ where if Syria falls to islamic forces this would be the finishing piece of the puzzle…a puzzle with Israel at its center surrounded by those who wish her gone…a puzzle Obama is more than happy to contribute to.

Remember, in the past whenever Israel attacked Syria’s weapons storage facilities Syria held back responding. But now a representative from Assad’s ally Iran, Hossein Sheikholeslam, the Director General of the Iranian parliament’s International Affairs Bureau, has publicly stated through Iran’s state run Fars News Agency, that if the US dares to attack Syria “the Zionist regime will be the first victim”…and that my friends means Israel. And Israel is taking these words quite seriously for they are currently in the process of passing out gas masks to its citizens. And if Syria does indeed attack them, Israel will ‘take action’ and rightly so for its high past time that she say ‘NO more’.

This is what Obama’s wanting to reign down missiles on Syria is all about…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is trying to provoke Israel into retaliating…into de facto starting WWIII. NO question about it for if Israel is forced…manipulated is more like it… to go on the attack against Syria to protect her citizens, that gives Iran and the Arab countries that surround her the go ahead to attack …attack Israel with their ultimate goal being to wipe her off the map.

And so with this maneuver Obama feels his hands are clean…let someone else start the war of Armageddon as long as his ‘brethren’ come out on top…or so he thinks.

And for those of you who doubt this scenario just put the pieces of the puzzle together one by one, and you can start with the latest maneuver…a maneuver generated to tug at the heartstrings of the compassionate West…a maneuver involving ‘phony’ photos of ‘supposedly’ dead Syrian children. And believe me a number of the recently released photos of ‘dead’ children are staged…staged by the rebels…most likely by the al-Qaeda linked Free Syrian Army…and staged for impact, sympathy, and to evoke the passions for revenge…revenge calling for retaliation against those who could do such a thing to sweet innocent children.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama counts on the hearts in America to be moved by these photos…moved enough to support his reasons to send us to war.

But if you look at the newest photos and put aside in your mind the older legitimate photos of people you’ve seen dropping in the streets…taken with cell phones some shakily held and somewhat blurry as they would be if taken in the midst of all the surrounding turmoil and chaos…in some you can clearly see the pain on the dying people’s faces…the foaming at the mouth…the vomit…the stains on their clothes from urinating and defecating on themselves as the sarin gas takes hold…and if you compare them with the newest photos of the ‘supposedly’ dead children you will be amazed at the difference for these ‘victims’ are squeaky clean and look ‘posed’ like they were sleeping. Notice how ‘crisp’ and in focus the photos are…NO shakily held cameras here…photos more like a pre-arranged photo shoot…but more importantly NO foaming at the mouth…NO vomit and human waste stains on their clothing…NO blue lips one of the markers of sarin gas exposure…and most critical of all NO blood on their small faces for the simple fact is that sarin gas causes seizures and convulsions and someone in the throws of either would bite down hard on their tongue causing much blood…but NOT a drop of blood is showing on any of these children’s faces or clothing.

And by the way, check out the circled area in the photo below…dead children don’t hold up photos for dead hands are flaccid and wouldn’t be able to hold them (rigor mortus does NOT set in immediately). Also, after going through many photos it became quite obvious that ‘certain’ children appeared over and over again…in different photos taken at different locations.

Were they ‘knocked out’ with drugs, posed, photos taken, and then woken up…I have NO answer to that, but it has been documented and proven before that in the past many photos coming out of Syria, especially those from the side of the Syrian rebels have indeed been staged and/or photoshopped…done so to evoke sympathy and compassion for their islamic cause…and Obama is doing just this with the photos of ‘supposedly’ dead children…gassed he claims by those loyal to Assad.

Have children died by poison sarin gas in Syria…of course they have (by the same poison sarin gas that Saddam used on the Kurds with the excess moved to Syria before we entered Iraq), but the gassing has come from the side of the rebels…by the rebels but still attributed by Obama to Assad, as Obama sides with the rebels…rebels who have sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda and to his brethren in the Muslim Brotherhood. But NO matter as the pictures of dead children is one of Obama’s ‘supposed’ reasons to send four warships armed with up to 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles each and position them off Syria’s coast…warships ready to reign down missiles on Assad’s forces at a moment’s notice…and doing so without evoking the Constitutionally required ‘War Powers’ clause just like he did in Libya. Once again Obama is overstepping his presidential bounds and slapping Congress in the face as he ignores the fact that our Constitution states that it’s Congress who has the authority to declare war…and reigning down missiles on a country we currently are NOT at war with nor who is at war with us…a country that poses NO threat to us or to our national security…is indeed a declaration of war.

A declaration of war is being issued in a deliberate, calculated, and manipulative prelude to WWIII…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama built it and outright owns it…and is using America’s military as his choice of delivery and he hopes Israel as his bait.

And American citizens must understand that we do NOT have a moral imperative or obligation to act either for or against Assad’s government, for Syria was NEVER our friend nor our ally, and they have always sided with those out to destroy Israel…Israel our one true friend and ally in the entire Middle East is being thrown to the wolves in all this subterfuge over the ‘supposed’ gassing of children for remember, the Syrian civil war has been going on for almost three years now with a death toll over 100,000, yet it ‘miraculously’ took these photos to push Obama into action.

And, even as bad as Assad is…and make NO mistake that he is a dictator in every sense of the word…NO angel for sure but less of a devil than al-Qaeda…Assad needs help in crushing the growing al-Qaeda presence in his country and in toning down the rhetoric against Israel.

And while we should stay out of Syria completely…for their civil war is NOT our war…if Obama was an honorable man and had to side America with anyone it should have been with Assad against the al-Qaeda supported rebels…Putin knows this and has aligned Russia accordingly. But Obama knows NOTHING from honor, and with his threatened impending military action against a country we are NOT at war with again proves that his loyalties lie NOT with America, the American people, or with those in the Middle East who are truly seeking freedom, but with those out to kill us all…and the sooner Congress and the media accept this as truth and stop feeding into and perpetrating the lies the better off we’ll all be.


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