Senate Committee: Fake News Organizations Will Be Held Accountable

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr issued a warning to fake news sites as he was being interviewed by CNN, the network now seen by many as the least-trusted name in network news according to a study reported on by the Washington Free Beacon in January.

Burr said that many leftist news organizations will have egg on their collective faces at the conclusion of his committee’s investigation into collusion between President Trump and Russia.  The investigation is in its ninth month and has not yielded any evidence of collusion.

The Russian collusion story is just one of many excuses Democrats have used to explain their utter shellacking in the 2016 election.  Either they are in denial over the fact that the American people don’t want communism or they hope that antifa can deliver it for them.  Sen. Burr says that he plans on outing the fake news sources in the committee’s final report.

From The Daily Caller

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr warned news organizations Thursday that his panel would hold them “accountable” for any false reporting in the Russia investigation, saying that some will have “egg on their face” when the panel ultimately produces its findings.

The North Carolina Republican, responding to President Donald Trump’s morning tweet where he called on the committee to investigate “fake news,” said the panel is “in the process of developing the facts surrounding Russian meddling.”

“If, in fact, we find that news organizations have not covered it factually, I think that you’ll see that in our report,” Burr told CNN Thursday. “You’ll see that in our hearings, and you should expect it because I think that the reporting of this — judging just by yesterday’s press conference — is loose at best, and they’ll have to stand behind what they report.”

Asked if the panel was mounting an investigation into news organization’s conduct, Burr said: “No, not investigating news organizations — holding them accountable for what they say with no sources to substantiate the facts.”

Burr added that the committee’s report “will present the facts.”

“It will be the news organizations that covered it somewhere differently that will be the ones with egg on their face,” he said. “So I’m very, very confident that we’ll lay it out there in a way that the American people will tell who was covering this factually and who was sensationalizing the coverage.”

CNN, NBC, the New York Times and Washington Post have all presented what can only be described as propaganda in an effort to convince their audience that collusion did exist, but they have mostly fallen on their face, since their “facts” are easily debunked.  They are just hoping that people who read the fake accusations don’t see the debunking.

Keep in mind that a CNN producer was actually caught on video admitting the Trump-Russia narrative is “BS.

Some Democrats have already expressed fears that their party is going to pay for the mistake of trying to define Russian collusion with Trump as an irrefutable truth and that they will pay for their corruption come November 2018.

2018 is already shaping up to be a disaster for Democrats and establishment Republicans.  Luther Strange has already been thrown under the bus and two more RINOs, Jeff Flake and Dean Heller, are already down in the latest polls in their respective states.


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