Sen. Gillibrand (NY) To Lead BDS Brooklyn Conference at The Brooklyn Museum: An Anti-Israel & Anti-American Hate Fest!

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Kirsten Elizabeth Gillibrand, New York’s junior Senator since 2009, is seasoned enough to know her way around New York’s political muscle. Capitol Hill’s alike. Shockingly, what makes her think that she can have her cake and eat it too, so to speak? In other words, does she really believe that she can “claim” to be pro-Israel, only to volte face, and headline a BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) conference – and in NYC, no less – which opposes Israel’s very existence, as well as lend her support to a list of who’s who in the anti-American arena? Rhetorical.


But before today’s ALL-POINTS BULLETIN (APB) blares, readers must familiarize themselves with the conference’s main jihadi/anti-American players. Their bonafides can be found here, here, here, herehere, and with enumerable evidentiary trails in between.

Alas, introducing……

ACTION ALERT!! (Karen LichtBraun of JDL NY)

On October 19th, The Brooklyn Conference, will begin at The Brooklyn Museum. It’s promoting itself as, “Inspiring Social Change.”
The conference is co-sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and Open Society Foundations, founded and funded by…..GEORGE SOROS! The organization’s objective is to eliminate Israel.
Senator Gillibrand from NY will be their keynote speaker. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. Gillibrand pulled her support of anti-BDS legislation.
Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi will be speakers. Black Lives Matter supports BDS. It’s part of their platform. Garza supported removing Zionists from the Chicago Dyke March. Tometi promotes ugly false narratives about Israel and in 2012 tweeted,” I can’t believe this shit”, in reference to the Israeli flag being hung up at The American Stock exchange.
Linda Sarsour, an ardent supporter & fundraiser for CAIR, will hold a workshop at the conference. Sarsour supports Sharia and spoke of Jihad not being violent. She has tweeted support of the terrorists who throw rocks at Israelis.
What is the senator from NY doing there? She claimed that she supports Israel, but she pulled support of the anti-BDS bill. Now she is a guest speaker at the Brooklyn Conference. Our message to the Senator- Your actions speak louder than your words!
So, what type of “social change” is this conference promoting? The elimination of Israel. This is evident by who its co-sponsors and speakers are.
This is NOT acceptable. BDS is a movement whose main goal is to de-legitimize and eliminate the Jewish State of Israel. It has no business in a Museum. No elected official should even consider speaking at this event; let alone agree to.
Please contact Senator Gillibrand’s office immediately! The NY number is (212)688-6262. The Washington, DC number is (202)224-4451. Elected officials can not support events that have anti-Israel speakers and sponsors. Elected officials who support events like this will NOT have our support when they are running for re-election. It’s NOT a freedom of speech issue. It’s the support of anti-Semitism that is the issue!
Please contact The Brooklyn Museum at (718)638-5000. We bring children to the museum. How can we continue to frequent this museum if it supports BDS?
We are urging everyone to share the information. Stop donations to The Brooklyn Museum. Don’t visit The Brooklyn Museum until they stop hosting anti-Semitic events.
Call Gillibrand’s office!

No US Senator should even consider speaking at an event like this.

Sen. Gillibrand thinks otherwise!

Comment on her FB page!

Let The Brooklyn Museum know that hosting an event like this makes them supporters of BDS and CAIR aka Hamas terrorist activities!

Post on The Brooklyn Museum’s FaceBook page!

{Footnote: Leaders of BDS support Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian/Gazan arm in specific, and Islamic terror groups in general, often donning Hamas’s ubiquitous jihadi scarf in solidarity! Yes, symbolism DOES matter.}

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