Sen. Cory Booker suggests Sessions working in secret with Russians, calls for resignation as Attorney General

While appearing on MSNBC, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of lying in his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, suggested that Sessions is working in secret with the Russians and called for his resignation.

“He had a case of convenient amnesia … and he frankly found a very creative dodge that I think is problematic,” Booker told MSNBC propagandist Chris Hayes. “When witnesses refuse to testify, refuse to respond to inquiries like we saw in the House Republicans, they should be held in contempt.”

According to the Daily Caller:

Hayes brought up collusion and asked Booker if it was too far fetched to think that Sessions was working secretly with the Russian government.

“We have a pattern right now that is really disturbing,” Booker responded. “You have people not revealing their contacts or nature of their conversations with leaders from Russia, and That’s Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Sessions … unfortunately we did not get satisfactory answers from the attorney general.”

In short, Booker suggested in so many words that Sessions is secretly working as a Russian agent.

He wasn’t finished, however.

Nick Givas said Booker “became so wrapped up in his talking points that he began stuttering and had trouble completing a sentence.”

“I thought he should have resigned after his being caught in not being forthcoming with the truth in his confirmation hearings,” Booker said. “He would not tolerate that from a kid from Newark in a judicial process, this law and order guy. Uh uh uh, his testimony was not forthcoming uh and this is further proof to me that he should not be uh uh uh um the attorney general.”

Obviously, Booker wasn’t paying any attention to what Sessions actually said.  Either that, or he’s so blinded by his hate and partisanship that he was unable to digest what the Attorney General said.

“I’m a United States senator,” Booker told Hayes. “I remember my conversations with ambassadors from different countries and what I discussed. This whole thing to me is just another example of a person that should not be the attorney general.”

Actually, this whole thing is an example of a whole group of people — namely Democrats — who have no business being elected to public office.


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