Semi-literate Democrat mayor of bankrupt city: Critics are racists

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semi-literate Petersburg mayor
Screengrab: WMC Action 5

In a barely-legible letter full of grammatical errors sent earlier this month to members of the Petersburg, Virginia, City Council, Mayor W. Howard Myers bashed critics as racists.  The Daily Caller’s Blake Neff notes that Petersburg, a city of 32,000 people, has over $19 million in unpaid bills and has an expected budget deficit of $12 million.

Worse yet, Neff said, citing a local NBC story, the same day Myers issued his bizarre rant, the city fire department confirmed that over $390,000 worth of new firefighting gear was repossessed.  Moreover, the city may lose its garbage pick-up service due to missed payments to the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority.

But, hey, you’re apparently a racist if you think the city isn’t being managed properly.

Here’s Myers’ letter:

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Here’s just some of the more baffling lines pointed out by Neff:

  • “Our economic and financial development is in crisis and until this Council set aside the foolishness of one and Facebook cronies, we will not be able to move forward.”
  • “No one Council member does it alone as always regurgitated
  • I will as the representative of Ward 5 and as Mayor duly to my right hand, serve the Public without blemish and from scare tactics from a few racists and Republicansupporters.”
  • “Vote your conscious not your election. “
  • “Please be advised and understanding of the significant pressures we as Council Members are being adhered too, as well as being bullied and forced to make unlike leadership decisions.”

He ended the letter by writing in all caps: “I AM PETERSBURG.”

Myers has refused to back down from his letter.

“As a staunch member of the Democratic Party … I respect all people, however, I stand by the verbiage I submitted to Council,” he said Thursday.

Here’s that video report:

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


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