SEEING THINGS: Democrat Lawyer Claims Common Prayer Gesture Is A “Nazi Salute”

(Natural News) At a recent campaign stop, Pennsylvania Republican and gubernatorial hopeful Sen. Doug Mastriano had evangelical leader Lance Wallnau lead his supporters in prayer. This prompted lawyer Tristan Snell, who regularly appears on both CNN and MSNBC, to make Hitler references on Twitter.

“Yes, this is a Nazi salute, at a Doug Mastriano campaign event in Pennsylvania. In 2022,” Snell wrote, along with video footage showing Mastriano’s supporters praying together with Wallnau. “Democracy is literally on the ballot in November.”

What exactly happened during the prayer ceremony that triggered Snell in this manner? Well, the crowd was seen raising hands to the heavens, which apparently conjured up imagery for Snell of Hitler and his followers raising their arms to show allegiance.

Praying to God, in other words, is the same thing as supporting Hitler, according to Snell. (Related: Remember when the corporate-controlled media published Nazi memes in support of Joe Biden?)

CNN reporter blasts Snell for Nazi reference, says it was “just people praying”

It appears as though Snell thought he would rack up a few more social acceptance points among the libtard crowd with his bizarre social media remarks, but that backfired.

What Snell wrote was so cringeworthy that even CNN “K-File” reporter Andrew Kaczynski came to the defense of Mastriano and his supporters and what they did that day.

“[T]his is just people praying and it doesn’t even resemble a Nazi salute,” Kaczynski wrote.

Former congressional candidate David Giglio echoed this sentiment in writing about Snell:

“One of the most dishonest posts in awhile [sic]. How can you listen to the video and then tell people this is a Nazi salute. These people have their hands up in prayer.”

Others mocked Snell for apparently having no clue what prayer looks like. One in particular emphasized that Christians praying is a common occurrence that is “quite literally done in thousands of churches around the country every week.”

“I know many lawyers are willing to lie to win an argument but I watched the video you claimed showed a Nazi salute and he asked people to raise their right arms, vow to take the same pledge the Union soldiers did at Gettysburg, and then went into a prayer,” added another.

“You sir are a liar.”

Even outspoken opponents of Donald Trump and Republicanism at large blasted Snell for making a fool out of himself with his childish and pathetic remarks.

“I’m no fan of Trump but can liberals stop claiming that every time a conservative raises his or her arm it’s a nazi salute?” one of them wrote. “Ever seen an Evangelical church service?”

The Lincoln Project, on the other hand, apparently loved Snell’s tweet so much that it incorporated his “Nazi salute” framework into an anti-Mastriano campaign ad.

“You can SMELL the desperation,” wrote a commenter at Zero Hedge about Snell’s ridiculous comparison of prayer to a Nazi salute.

“November 8th looms very large for Congressional incumbents,” wrote another.

Many others pointed out that if Snell wants to see true Nazis in action, then he should visit Democrat-beloved Ukraine.

“They’ve called everybody they don’t like ‘Nazis’ and ‘racists’ for so long it has ceased to mean anything,” wrote someone else.

“Race-baiting is the only game plan and strategy the Democrats have to buy votes,” responded another.

“There is an intrinsic hatred for Christianity being brought to light by those haters and servants of Satan for all to see,” another wrote, adding that left-wing socialist Democrats are much more Nazi-like than Mastriano and his supporters.

“They keep trying to paste the epithet Nazi on the right, and when that fails they resort to throwing out the word ‘fascists,’ which also does not fit.”

More related news about people like Tristan Snell can be found at Libtards.news.

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