Secure the Border! A Texas Marine Speaks Out

Border US FlagT.M. is a Marine and a Texas resident. He is also one of the many Americans who are patrolling the Texas border because the government refuses to lock it down. He is passionate about defending the border because of what he sees going on there – and he has some solutions to the problem.

“Mohammed looks a lot like Julio…it’s not just Julio with a backpack and a water jug that is coming across the border… people have no idea how bad it really is down here.”


T.M. told us that the drug cartels are bringing Chinese and Muslims across the border, and it’s not being reported.  There are also groups escorting “little girls” across the border in human trafficking situations.

“There’s a big mess fixin’ to go on down here shortly… Texans may make a human wall if nobody does anything.There are some bad actors coming across the border.”

Violent criminals, vicious drug dealers, terrorists …just about anything is coming across the Southern border of the United States, including diseases.

texas marine

As an example, Tuberculosis (TB) was almost wiped out of the US until the border opened up and infected children began arriving. The Washington Post wrote an article in 2015 that showed the cases of TB in the United States generally come from foreign persons.

There is a also enmity between citizen border patrols and the federal government’s Border Patrol. Even though T.M.’s team members are former military and law enforcement, the reception has been cold.

“My team is made up of dedicated, loyal individuals… This is our home, and we will fight to protect it.”

At one point, T.M.’s team reached out to the Border Patrol as a professional courtesy and got back the proverbial ‘bloody stump,’ as agents began to interrogate him. “Instead of looking across the border, they were looking back at me.”

Solution Number 1

T.M. says there are two main solutions to the problem, IF we have the”stomach” to fight for them:

“The border has to be secured before we can discuss guest worker programs.” T.M.

In that idea he is absolutely correct. Several Uncle Sam’s sources have told us that the tip end of Texas has basically been corrupted, and illegals wander almost unchecked through the property of residents. It is only the citizen patrols that protect them – the Border Patrol’s ROEs have done nothing to alleviate the issue.

T.M says the border is a sort safe area for the criminal element, with Houston as the hub. From human trafficking to killers, the security of America is at stake as the illegals flood into the country.

“We can lock it down…There is more at stake than someone just doing their job.  The legislators have been allowed to forget that they are civil servants…It doesn’t matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans. The Democrats see illegals as unregistered voters, and the Republicans see them as cheap labor.” 

“We scattered a group of backpackers with marijuana, and turned over the drugs to authorities. Property owners have seen armed men dressed in black moving through their property…They’ve got money, and have eyes and ears on the ground. They come into the country in relays, people watching ahead for them. There are dirty politicians and dirty law enforcement.”

Solution number 2- dump the benefits

“If there were no freebies- the benefits like EBT cards, WIC, free education, etc, they’d go back on their own.”

Every illegal alien that crosses the border gets free education, free medical, free food, welfare, and jobs. Cut those off and T.M. says nearly all of them would just go home. It wouldn’t pay to come here at that point. But as long as we allow free benefits…we will always have illegal immigrants.

Guest worker programs are only manageable if the border is secure. T.M. says it is possible to lock it down, but the administration does not want to allow that. But unless the American people do something, things can only get worse. We’ve got to “get the stomach for it.”

Remember what T.M. said at the beginning…“Mohammed looks a lot like Julio.” 

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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