Seattle social meltdown: U.S. Attorney says no ‘safe injection sites’

Seattle “safe injection site” advocates have just been hit by a proverbial blast from the firehose as newly-appointed U.S. Attorney Brian Moran has been quoted by the Seattle Times declaring that he will not allow such places in the Jet City.

Seattle’s effort to create so-called ‘safe injection sites” for drug addicts just hit a speed bump, as new U.S. Attorney Brian Moran has said he will not allow such places. (Screen snip, YouTube)

According to the Associated Press, Moran told Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to “not go there” because it might result in a federal lawsuit. Holmes infamously bought marijuana back in 2014 after Evergreen State voters passed an initiative that legalized pot for personal recreational use.

But under federal law, marijuana use is still illegal, especially if you want to have a firearm.

As reported by the Seattle, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan isn’t happy with Moran’s position, and Holmes has defiantly indicated that it won’t stop the city from working toward opening a “safe injection site.”

Moran, according to various reports, has indicated that this is counter-intuitive because there is no “safe” way to inject dangerous drugs. Critics of “safe injection sites” contend that such places only enable drug addicts, and some talk radio hosts in the city have suggested that Seattle’s drug-friendly policies have actually attracted drug abusers from across the country, contributing to the city’s homeless crisis.

Moran told KUOW that he would be prosecuting felons for illegal gun possession, along with human traffickers and large-scale drug operations.

A former Kitsap County prosecutor, Moran also used to work for the Attorney General’s office under then-Attorney General Rob McKenna.

Ratcheting down on armed criminals is a move that might get cheers from Second Amendment activists who contend that enforcement of existing laws against bad guys is preferable to passing new laws that impair the rights of good guys.

Moran’s remarks are another setback for the self-styled “progressive” movement in Seattle, which is still shuddering from last month’s popular KOMO special report “Seattle is Dying.” KOMO is the local ABC affiliate and the special commercial-free one-hour report by veteran broadcast journalist Eric Johnson was devastating. So hard has it hit Seattle’s image that the city has reportedly hired a public relations firm to counter the program’s impact.

On top of this, GeekWire dropped a bombshell with its report this week that Amazon is moving thousands of employees out of the city to nearby Bellevue, located on the east side of Lake Washington. Bellevue is growing, and one does not hear the kinds of complaints about homeless camps, human waste and discarded hypodermic needles that seem common for Seattle.

And then there is the statewide backlash against a gun control initiative passed last fall that was largely financed by a handful of wealthy Seattle-area elitists. Initiative 1639 has ignited what amounts to an insurrection by county sheriffs and more than a half-dozen county commissions that will not actively enforce provisions of the initiative.

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It’s a culture clash that is making news across the country, and is part of a larger movement now growing in at least four states in which local officials are refusing to enforce new gun control measures.

All of these issues are symptomatic of a growing discontent with Seattle’s leadership and social justice warrior mindset, while some city officials appear to be in denial about the image of the city their policies have allegedly created.


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