The ‘Seattle Side step’ on immigration: blame guns, defend sanctuary

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray tried to blame guns for a murder committed almost ten years ago by a man in this country illegally. (YouTube, Channel 90)
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray tried to blame guns for a murder committed almost ten years ago by a man in this country illegally. (YouTube, Channel 90)

When liberal Seattle Mayor Ed Murray held a press event to rip President Donald Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities, he was asked about a murder committed by an illegal alien about ten years ago at the University of Washington.

His knee-jerk response was this:

“The question is…are we finally going to do something about regulating guns in this country? He (Trump) brought up a series of parents who have lost children to people who were not documented. You know, how many times have I spent time with parents whose sons have been shot dead in this city?

“There is an issue of guns, not an issue of immigration.”

The comment comes near the end of this Channel 90 video on YouTube. It came after Murray had defended the city’s “sanctuary” policy while insisting that “immigrants, regardless of their documentations” will stay in Seattle. He promised to “fight any attempt by the federal government to strip federal funding in this city.”

“These are not criminals,” Murray said of immigrants, “these are our friends, these are our neighbors, these are our families.”

Murray’s timing could not have been worse. His remarks came as reports were surfacing about the arrest and charging of five men in the December slaying of an eastern Washington woman. Jill Marie Sundberg, 31, was shot 13 times at a parking spot along the Old Vantage Highway near George, about 150 miles east of Seattle, in the Columbia basin.

Three of the men have been charged with murder and two are being held as material witnesses, according to published reports. All are in this country illegally.

Then there was the infamous slaying of Kate Steinle in San Francisco two years ago allegedly by a recidivist illegal alien. The gun used in that crime had been stolen from a federal law enforcement officer’s vehicle. The suspect in that case, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, is scheduled to go on trial next month.

Murray has a track record on gun control. He was the prime sponsor of a bill to ban so-called “assault weapons” while serving in the State Senate four years ago. That bill initially included a provision to allow warrantless searches by sheriff’s deputies of gun owners’ homes on an annual basis. That provision alarmed civil rights experts and made headlines in the Seattle Times before it was hastily deleted.

None of this was lost on Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He issued a bristling statement to the press he accused Murray of “trotting out the Constitution only when he can use it for a political prop.”

“Murray hides behind the constitution to serve his liberal political agenda,” Gottlieb said, “but he’s never been worried about stepping on the Second Amendment. If you defend the constitution, you have to defend all of it. If you expect gun owners to obey the gun laws, you need to obey the immigration laws. Only a hypocrite would expect to have it any other way.”

Seattle and other “sanctuary cities” stand to lose millions of federal dollars under Trump’s new guidelines. Critics of sanctuary policies argue that municipal officials who cling to such policies should be prepared for the consequences.


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