Sean Hannity’s Twitter page mysteriously disappears

On Saturday, and others reported that Fox News host Sean Hannity’s Twitter page mysteriously disappeared for a time Saturday morning.  It’s not known why the account was missing, but a post at TruePundit said it happened after a contentious segment on corruption inside the FBI and the DOJ:

Hannity was on a roll in a brutal opening rant on his Friday show, excoriating James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and Barack Obama.

Hannity sounded more like a seasoned prosecutor on Friday, piling evidence on top of more evidence regarding the corruption scandals unfolding in the FBI and Justice Department.

“Visitors to Hannity’s twitter page are currently greeted by a message informing them that the account no longer exists,” Allum Bokhari wrote at Breitbart.

Some observed that Hannity appeared to mysteriously lose all of his 2.8 million followers:

As of this writing, the page appears to be back up but no explanation was given for why it was missing.  The most recent tweet as of this writing simply reads, “Form Submission 1649.”

According to the UK Daily Mail, the tweet was posted about two hours prior to the account disappearing.

Breitbart added:

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Twitter has recently been in the spotlight for political bias after Project Veritas caught numerous employees on camera revealing that the company targets conservatives.

In late 2017, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was briefly deleted by a rogue Twitter employee before being quickly restored.

One person wrote:

Others added:

Coincidence?  You be the judge…


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