Seafood Restaurant in FL is in the #BasketofDeplorables

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant in north Sarasota, Florida is officially in Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables”…their sign says so.

Let’s Eat!!





ABC7 reported the sign  as “appearing to suggest favoritism toward Republican nominee Donald Trump.” Actually, it doesn’t “appear” to do anything, it clearly says “Vote Trump.” Which is not illegal for a restaurant, by the way.

The article mentions there were “mixed reviews,” but only included one anti-gunner liberal who was offended by the sign:

“They shouldn’t put up a sign like that. They want people carrying weapons into their restaurant? It’s not a very nice thing and hopefully no one will go and eat there if they have any sense at all.” Irene Blum

I’d eat there specifically because of the sign. For the record, Ms. Blum, we have a restaurant here in North Idaho that effectively encourages concealed carriers to bring their guns into the facility. They even offer a 15% discount on their meals if they have their CCW permit with them and forgot their gun (although those are no longer required in Idaho).

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant and Market has two facilities, both of which are in Sarasota. The one with the sign is off Hwy 41 in North Sarasota. The owner, William Davis, is also a chef. It is unclear if he gave permission for a staff member to place the content of the sign or whether he put it up himself.

Liberal responses 

The typical liberal response to anything about guns, conservatives, Donald Trump, anti-illegal immigration, or anything else with common sense involved is to whine about it not being “very nice.”

They are so grim they never laugh at anything. The sign at Barnacle Bill’s is humorous. Libs are terrified of guns and would probably choke on a crab leg if one were near them.

So go ahead and stick yourself in your “safe place,” Ms. Blum and be afraid of everything. As for me, I’m happy to be “deplorable” rather than be a follower of left-wing political agendas.

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