The scientific questions the #MarchForScience ignores

#MarchForScience contradicts itself. (Twitter)

The #MarchForScience is drawing thousands of participants across the globe, and perhaps not by mere coincidence, the same protest rallies are being held on the de facto High Holiday of neo-pagans; Earth Day.

As the Washington Examiner reports,

Democratic lawmakers and activists cheered Earth Day in rainy Washington, D.C., on Saturday at the “March for Science.”

Organizers of the event told the Washington Examiner‘s Robert King that the march would not function as an anti-Trump demonstration, but many of President Trump’s vocal critics made their voices heard via the march anyway.

“Science is the pursuit of truth for the public interest,” tweeted Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, former Democratic Party vice presidential candidate in 2016. “Pres Trump can’t dismiss this fact, or all those marching today #MarchForScience.”

In spite of the liberal mantras of “truth” and “fact” being used ad nauseum, there are a few truths and facts that the Secular Humanist crew avoid like the plague (or an angry nun with a ruler, whichever comes first);

  • The Big Bang Theory teaches that prior to the initial singularity (the moment of Big Bang itself), there was simply nothing. No time, no matter, no distance, no space, no light, no dark… just nothingness. But at the moment of the initial singularity, the almost explosion-like expansion of the universe happened. Here’s the problem – according to the laws of science, it’s impossible for the likes of time and matter to spontaneously generate out of nothing. That begs the question, what created the initial singularity?
  • Just about anyone with a heart (and a brain) understands why purposefully destroying the egg of a bald eagle or leatherback turtle will land one in a federal prison. However, the purposeful destruction of a human still in its “egg” (amniotic sac) is considered a constitutional right, especially among atheistic liberals.
  • Speaking of a certain mammal considered a lesser life form than birds or reptiles, it’s another liberal contradiction as to why they would consider a single-celled organism on Mars as “life,” but deny the same in a woman’s womb.

In light that more than a few militant atheists refer to Christianity as the enemy of science, some of the greatest minds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics have been Christian clerics, Religious, even a canonized saint;

  • Father Pierre Varignon – Mathematician whose principle contributions were to statics and mechanics; created a mechanical explanation of gravitation
  • Blessed Nicolas Steno – Bishop beatified by Pope John Paul II, often called the Father of Geology and Stratigraphy, founder of Steno’s Principles
  • Father Franz de Paula Triesnecker – Astronomer and director of the Vienna Observatory; published a number of treatises on astronomy and geography
  • Sister Mary Kenneth Keller – Mathematician, physicist. First woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Developer of the BASIC computer language.
  • Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk – Professor of astrophysics at the University of Arizona. Earned Doctorate in neuroscience from Yale University
  • Friar Roger Bacon – Early contributor to the fields of mathematics and optics. Has been described as the forerunner of modern scientific method
  • Sister Agatha Munyanyi – Ph.D. in biomedical sciences. Leader in the field of treating tuberculosis and various drug sensitivities
  • Archbishop Thomas Bradwardine – Mathematician who helped develop the mean speed theorem; one of the Oxford Calculators
  • Father Marian Wolfgang Koller – Professor who wrote on astronomy, physics, and meteorology
  • Saint Albertus Magnus – Dominican priest, eventual Bishop of Regensberg, Germany. Has been described as “one of the most famous precursors of modern science in the High Middle Ages.” Pioneered in physics, logic, metaphysics, biology, and psychology. The patron saint of scientists.

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