School Safety: Biden’s Only Idea is Gun Control; Others Step Up with Ideas

Biden is a one trick pony when it comes to school safety. The only thing he babbles about is gun control, which as we have pointed out on numerous occasions, will do nothing to protect the children from crazy people. Fortunately, there are numerous companies and people out there who do have suggestions. A report issued by the Trump administration in 2018 included ideas from public school districts and both public and private schools across the country. Biden trashed them all when he came to the White House.

The report in question had ideas for different areas that have different needs. Biden wants a federal one-size-fits-all answer so that the Democrats can control every situation. It doesn’t work that way – every state, every location needs their own answers. School safety shouldn’t be a politicial issue…but it is with the Biden administration.

The administration was light on school safety details before this disaster. Indeed, the best the administration has been able to muster so far is to stipulate that they weren’t all that keen about the previous administration’s approach, which focused on gathering ideas from state and local school officials.

That less-than-helpful stance came in December 2021, when the administration stamped a message across the top of a federally commissioned 2018 report on school safety. The message: “This report is under review as of December 9, 2021. Some statements in this report do not reflect the current positions or policies of the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Justice, or Health and Human Services.”

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New Ideas for School Safety

The following are just a couple of ideas that have been put forward for protecting our children from harm. First, remember that if your school district is waiting to call 911, anything can happen. So there should be alternatives.

Instant Communication- the Panic Button

school safety
Screenshot via NBC6

ASR Alert Systems was founded by Hector Delgado, a US Navy veteran, and former member of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). This company aims to decrease the time lag between calling for help and arrival. The system immediately notifies police, and employees of the problem and gives the exact location. There are several components to the panic alarm system. The system is already in place in several locations, one of which is Weston Charter School in Florida.

The threat notification capabilities include Active Shooter/Assailant, Medical, and Severe Weather. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement, and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors.

School safety legislation is underway in many states.  Some of which would mandate every public school in the State to have a panic button alarm system installed. The intent of this requirement will be to allow a teacher or school employee to be able to communicate directly with local law enforcement in the event of an active shooter or other emergencies, reducing response time, which in turn can save lives.

ASR Alert Systems

On Site Security/ Training

The Pro-Active Response Group trains school employees to “take the fight to the suspect.” They aren’t about showing a video and then leaving. This company was co-founded by former SC Deputy Chad Ayers who was decorated for valor.

Because he and his instructors understand the mechanics of shooting, they train staff and students in the techniques of taking the fight to the gunman, including seizing pistols and long guns. Ayers calls it “building the survivor’s mindset.”

It includes mapping out multiple exits from a school building; setting up a classroom so it can be quickly barricaded and fortified; spreading students out to give a shooter fewer easy targets; and overwhelming a gunman by striking him with projectiles pulled from the classroom and grappling for his gun.

“They think they’re in charge because they have the gun. You have to do something,” Ayers said.

Coffee or Die

Skool Dogs

“Sailor” has been taking care of students at Gateway Local School District since 2020.


Joseph Nickolas, a veteran of the 82nd Airborne and former corrections officer, dog handler and trainer, co-founded a company that uses dogs to take down active shooters.

“The dog creates confusion,” said Nicholas, a US Army 82nd Airborne Division veteran who became a corrections officer, dog handler, and trainer in the New Jersey Department of Corrections for a quarter-century. “It forces the gunman into a decision. Drop the gun? Attack the dog? Keep shooting at children?”

“It takes a dog seconds. The dog doesn’t hesitate. The dog becomes your extra layer of security to protect children and staff.”

Joseph Nickolas to Coffee or Die

Skool Dogs has been providing security for schools with three dogs for 10 years so far in Ohio, New Jersey and Florida. It takes a special dog that is trained to attack a shooter, but still gets along well with the students…and there have been zero incidents over the last 10 years. The children adore the dogs. The company also provides K9s to law enforement and prisons with a different thrust to their training.

There are numerous ideas for school safety from all over the country, but the Biden administration rejects anything from outside people. So don’t look for solutions from them that will actually keep your kids safe. Go with the companies who can help.


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