School Bullies, Shames 4 yr old Because Father Legally Open Carried

A story from WWMT about a school in Kalamazoo, Michigan reported that they isolated and shamed a 4 year old girl because her father followed the law and open carried his gun during a music class that parents were required to attend. And open carry on school property is legal in Michigan. But tell that to KRESA (Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency).

 school bullies

Hysteria by liberal jerks

KRESA West campus went into lockdown when someone noticed that Mr. Warren was wearing a gun. Did he draw it and point it at anyone? No. Did he make threats? No. After the incident all the other students were moved into another classroom on a different campus, leaving the little girl alone.

That’s right – they isolated a 4 year old child because her father legally carried. That’s over the top, even for liberals. And the father was LEGAL in his actions.

“Schools are gun free zones, and they tend to be targeted for mass shootings. He feels that he’s keeping her safer by carrying and having the ability to protect her.” Jamie Warren, mother

Other parents whined that it wasn’t “civilized” to have a gun on campus, even if it’s legal.

It’s not “civilized” to have children murdered in a gun free zone either.

School bullying – the firestorm 

“There’s several hundred students over there and many of their parents have expressed very significant concerns and very frankly, anger towards us for doing this and I thought well, I’ve gotta respect their rights, respect the rights of the parents of children who have been traumatized possibly by violent situations.” Superintendent Doug Campbell

HOLD…the…phone – what “violent situation?” There was absolutely NO violence involved here. Although I’d start cleaning his clock for doing anything so heinous to my daughter. Isolate and leave a 4 year old alone? That should be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Michigan legislators introduced a bill in the state Senate to allow concealed carry on campus. If that had been the law, no one would have known Mr. Warren even had a gun.

The music class ends next week, but the Warrens will not return until something changes.

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