Schlichter: Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence

On Monday, Kurt Schlichter issued a somber warning that everyone in the U.S. whose political views are to the right of Josef Stalin should seriously heed:  “When people tell you they want to hurt you, you should believe them. And we Normals are starting to listen to what liberals say.”

Schlichter, a successful Los Angeles trial lawyer, a veteran with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, wrote:

Many of us are predicting that eventually these foam-spitting, psycho liberals are going to embrace violence out of frustration at their inability to recover the power we stripped from them, but we’re already past that point. Just ask Steve Scalise, alive today only because the Bernie bro who tried to massacre a bunch of Republicans, as well as Jeff Flake, did not know how to shoot.

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But we Normals do know how to shoot, and that’s significant. Because, as I have grown hoarse from shouting, I see these leftist morons charging headlong down the same slippery slope I was stationed at the bottom of in Kosovo.

The bottom of the slope is really bad, and they should stop their descent. Now.

Good luck with that…

He added:

Just wait until some enterprising legislator passes a “no political discrimination” law and a couple of over-priced, precious restaurants selling small plates of pressed duck confit with mango-pepper chutney get bankrupted because Don, Jr., sues them into oblivion for screaming at him when he stops in for a bite.

That leaves them only violence. We’ve already seen it, and you can sense that it’s only a matter of time before the liberals openly embrace it. They have set the conditions for it. They have dehumanized the opposition, that is, us. Their lesser tactics aren’t working. The lies no longer resonate because we Normals are woke – the polls indicate that most Americans greeted the whole kids in cages fraud with a collective shrug. Criminals separated from their kids? Doesn’t that happen every day? It would sure happen to us if we broke the law, since we aren’t the Democrats’ Great Foreign Hope for a future electorate that is pliable and obedient.

Intimidation isn’t working. It makes the libs quiver with joy, but it just makes us mad. Getting your opponent riled up is a poor strategy, especially at the ballot box. Mad people tend to retaliate. November is coming, and we all fully understand that every middle finger selfie, every vicious tweet, every assault on a conservative diner, is an attack on us.

“It’s only a matter of time” before leftists embrace violence, he said.

He continued: “They have to go there, because there’s nothing else left to try to undo our successful rebellion of 2016. The inertia of their hatred makes it inevitable. If we really are Nazi murderers who butcher children, don’t they kind of have to respond violently? Is violence against us justified?”

Schlichter, of course, is absolutely correct.  As we’ve reported here at the Conservative Firing Line over and over again, insane leftists have advocated the murder of Trump and his supporters from the moment he won the 2016 election.

He correctly notes that we “normals” would rather see a return to “a society where disputes are resolved via the processes outlined in the Constitution and the individual rights set forth within it are respected.”

But he also warned the increasingly violent left that if they choose poorly, things will not go well for them.

Schlichter’s entire piece can be seen here, and it deserves to be read and shared.


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