Scared of 13-year-old CJ Pearson, Obama blocks young conservative on Twitter

obama-handupTalk about childish and thin-skinned.  It seems that Barack Obama can’t handle criticism from 13-year-old CJ Pearson, the young conservative who grabbed headlines with a series of hard-hitting videos, one of which questioned Obama’s love of country.

The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor said the block comes just two days after a White House petition demanded the president give the young man an interview.

But instead of granting the interview, someone in the regime blocked Pearson:

The reaction was pretty much what you’d expect:

Not just any American, CJ, only those who disagree with his socialist agenda to destroy the country.  Those who disassemble old Radio Shack alarm clocks and rearrange the parts in a pencil case, however, get the royal treatment.  Especially if they’re followers of a particular religion.

Of course, the regime engaged in the usual spin.

Twitchy reported:  “Assistant White House press secretary Frank Benenati responded to Pearson’s claim of being blocked.”

Translation: Don’t believe your lying eyes.  These aren’t the tweets you’re looking for…

Exit question: Is it racist if Obama’s white half blocked CJ?


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