Say what? Teen tyrant David Hogg suggests only certain people should be allowed to live

In a poorly-worded tweet issued early Monday morning, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed teen demagogue dubbed the “king of the snowflakes,” suggested that only certain people should be allowed to live.

“We can and we will change the world for those that should still be in it,” he said on Twitter. “The young people will win.”

Hogg didn’t specify exactly who deserves to live or remain in the world, but we can speculate.

Others wondered the same thing:

“So you now think you can decide who deserves to live? How are you going to achieve this without weapons? Stay in school, you need it,” one person said.

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That’s what it sounds like to us.

indeed it is.

It’s called “never letting a crisis go to waste.”

Hogg never explained this tweet but his acolytes spun it for him:

That would have been easy enough for Hogg to say, but he didn’t.

One person told Hogg that he went too far with this tweet:

Another person told Hogg that his proverbial 15 minutes are over and suggested that he simply go away:

That would be nice, but it doesn’t appear that will happen anytime soon.  We can’t help but wonder, though, how long it’ll be before he emulates this guy and advocates for the extermination of five million NRA members…

Final note to David Hogg: Words mean things.  Choose them carefully…


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