Satirical post by Babylon Bee perfectly describes hateful left: ‘Love trumps hate’ — with a shovel

It’s been said that the best satire is that which is based in truth.  Although The Babylon Bee is a satirical site, an article posted on Thursday perfectly describes the modern, bloodthirsty, hate-filled left now fomenting hate and violence against President Trump and his supporters.

The article, which has been shared over 16,000 times as of this writing, is titled, “‘Love Trumps Hate!’ Screams Protester While Beating Republican To Death With A Shovel.”

Sounds like something that could actually happen, doesn’t it?

The post — which is satirical — begins:

According to sources at an anti-Trump rally in D.C., a liberal protester repeatedly screamed the phrase, “LOVE TRUMPS HATE!” while beating a Republican man unlucky enough to walk by the demonstration to death with a shovel.

The man was waving a sign reading “DOWN WITH HATE” and shouting the slogan when he spotted the passerby in a Make America Great Again hat, causing him to borrow a shovel from a nearby construction crew and begin chasing the Republican man down the street.

“TOLERATE THIS!” he screamed as he brought the heavy gardening implement down on the man’s head, rendering him unconscious. His beatdown continued for several minutes, until other leftist protesters intervened in order to make sure they got a turn wailing on the helpless victim.

Twitchy, noting the recent story of the young man assaulted for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, said that “this particular piece from TBB isn’t too far off from reality.”

And that’s what’s so sad.

Sadder still, is a growing rap sheet posted by Breitbart which lists no less than 133 incidents of media-approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters between March 1, 2016 and July 5, 2018.

Some of those incidents include:

  • February 2, 2017: Trump supporter attacked in street in Berkeley
  • February 1, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group AntiFa assaults Trump supporters at Berkeley.
  • January 21, 2017: Madonna fantasizes about blowing up the White House.
  • January 20, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group Antifa riots over Trump’s inauguration.
  • January 19, 2017: CNN fantasizes about Obama staying in power if Trump is assassinated.
  • January 5, 2017: Left-wing thugs kidnap, beat, and torture an 18-year-old with schizophrenia while shouting “f**k Trump” and “f**k white people.”
  • November 16, 2016: Left-wing thugs assault 15-year-old Trump supporter.
  • November 14, 2016: Avengers director Joss Whedon says Trump “CANNOT” be allowed to serve out his term in office.

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Let’s not forget actor Michael Shannon, who said it’s time for Trump voters to die.

Here’s a few more:

There’s many, many more, but you get the general idea.

In February 2011, I first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  The situation has gotten much worse since then — to the point that a number of Americans think a second bloody civil war is possible in the next five years.

Thanks, of course, to the so-called “mainstream media” and irresponsible Trump-haters like Maxine Waters and Jennifer Rubin.

While the Babylon Bee’s post is satirical, it won’t be long before something like this actually happens at the rate things are going.

And that, Twitchy said, is “what makes it brilliant!”


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