Sarah Silverman fantasizes about military coup against Trump

Silverman military coup
Silverman — Wikipedia

On Wednesday night, Sarah Silverman issued a tweet in which she fantasized about a violent military coup against the Trump administration, sparking a considerable amount of criticism.

“Wake up and join the resistance,” she said.  “Once the military is with us, fascists get overthrown.  Mad King and his handlers go bye bye.”

Twitchy said this is the tweet that set her off:

Here’s just some of the responses she got:

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Good observation.

She’s been unhinged for a while…

It would be interesting to see if anything comes of it…

Silverman’s tweet happened the same night that liberal hatemongers in Berkeley went unhinged over an appearance by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos.

It’s enough to make one believe liberals really do want a second, bloody civil war over Donald Trump.

Exit question: Will the Secret Service pay Silverman a visit?


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