Sarah Silverman: Don’t pray for victims of fires, hurricanes

One can tell a lot about someone by they way they react to disaster.  While much of the country offers prayer and assistance to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and rampaging wildfires in the west, Sarah Silverman has a different message: “Don’t pray” for the victims.

Instead, she says, parroting the liberal lie that conservatives don’t believe in science, “vote for a government that believes in science.”

She made the declaration on Twitter by retweeting a meme that has been shared over 87,000 times as of this writing:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Silverman’s fellow hatemongers loved the meme, but many others weren’t too impressed.

“Because hurricanes and fire hate science?” one person asked.

One person told Silverman that “believing you can vote away natural disasters is straight up cooky dooks.”

One of Silverman’s followers responded:

So, we can’t do both?

One person said:

Another added:

Yes, but digging ever deeper into the pit of hatred seems to be the left’s stock in trade.


Not in Silverman’s alleged “mind,” apparently.


No.  But remember, the real goal of the environmental left is Communism and complete control.

In 2014, Breitbart reported, citing PJ Media:

At a “People’s Climate Rally” in Oakland on September 21, the mask came off, and the underlying desire of leftists to embrace Communism was on full display. As PJ Media writes, “The primary message of the People’s Climate Rally was this: Climate change is caused by capitalism, and merely attempting to reform capitalism will not stop global warming; it is impossible to work within the existing system if we want to save the planet. We must replace it with a new social and economic system entirely.”

The report is replete with photographs of the rally, convincingly demonstrating that the Communist movement, which leftists have been portraying as ineffectual since the days of Joseph McCarthy, while consciously or subconsciously championing its principles, is rearing its head in very public ways.

The keynote speaker at that event said:

Our situation is dire. But before we can begin to address any of the possible solutions, it is important that we discuss the root cause of the environmental catastrophe that we are experiencing. What we are facing is a systemic problem. A conflict between two systems.

First is the environmental system, which sustains life on Earth. Then there is the economic system of capitalism that is attacking the stability of our environment. Capitalism and a healthy environment cannot coexist!

Got that? It’s not about “fixing” anything.  It’s all about undermining capitalism and instituting Communism.  Period.

Getting back to Silverman, you may recall that she fantasized on Twitter about a military coup to take the Trump administration out of office back in February.

“Wake up and join the resistance,” she said. “Once the military is with us, fascists get overthrown. Mad King and his handlers go bye bye.”

She later walked it back after getting her clock cleaned on Twitter.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

“FEAR can motivate even peacenik snowflakes 2 incite violence & last night I felt it hard. Trying 2 keep in check bc damnit I love u America,” Silverman wrote on Twitter early Friday morning. She later added a follow-up: “Yo I’m the peacenick snowflake in this tweet — thought that was obvs. Oy.”

“Silverman,” EW said, “has been a vocal critic of Trump since his election last year and frequently tweets and retweets criticism of Trump’s policies.”

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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

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