Sarah Sanders, Press Secretary Crushes CNN’s Jim Acosta…Again

sarah sanders
White House Press briefing Monday, March 5 – Twitter photo

In Monday’s Press Briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was flanked by two wounded combat veterans: Marine Sgt John Peck and Marine Staff Sgt Liam Dwyer, whom she introduced as veterans advocating for wounded warriors being able to have experimental treatments. But CNN’s Jim Acosta, in his usual whiny voice, took issue with her because she didn’t take a question from him. She had an epic response.

First he whined:

Then she crushed him:

She instinctively knew that Acosta would likely ask a politically charged question instead of a real one. He likes to be the center of attention rather than write anything of value. She wasn’t about to let his political bias derail focus on the veterans’ issues.

Aside from the Trump-hating trolls, there were some who stood with her:

She’s doing her job quite nicely! @PressSec you keep doing what you’re doing! Perhaps if the media would actually report all of the news @Acosta wouldn’t have his feelings hurt so easily. #courageiscallingouttheobviouswhennooneelsewill

Are you implying @CNN is the press?

Sliced @Acosta‘s balls off so neat, he never felt it.

@Acosta has balls?#JustAsking, idle curiosity.

Perhaps if @Acosta would stop attempting to BE THE NEWS and start objectively reporting the news, people would start recognizing him as a real journalist!

Y’know, there are a whole bunch of reporters in the briefing room. Just because the previous admin ignored the majority of them in favor of CNN doesn’t mean this one has to. Wait your turn, @Acosta. And maybe think of an actual question.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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