Sarah Palin Compares GOP to Wife Batterers


“They did it again. But like a battered wife, we keep going back because every four years they bring us flowers, beg our forgiveness, and swear they’ll never hit us again.”  S. Palin 2015

This is how Sarah Palin begins her article for Breitbart News.  I have to admit that she has struck a metaphorical nerve in me.  The comparison is perfect.  Almost every one of us has known a battered woman at one time or another.  The most frustrating part is that after we advise them to cut the men off completely, they either go back to the batterer or find someone else just like him.  But as voters, we do the same thing over and over and over.  It’s time to kick that habit.

She points out that the vaunted Freedom Caucus, who were to be our protectors in Congress and who led the rebellion that drove John Boehner from office, stood by as our elected officials mugged us.  They may not have been the ones who battered us, but they held the coats of the ones who did.  Palin said perhaps they might call 911 the next time we are beaten.  (I doubt it)  Remember how they backed Paul Ryan, a notorious RINO and a liar.  Too bad elected officials can’t be sued for malpractice like lawyers and doctors can.

She remembered how grassroots voters turned out in the 2010 tidal wave to put Republicans in charge of the House.  They were to be the firewall to protect us from Obama, but like Judas Iscariot, they betrayed us and the House led by John Boehner gave Obama anything he wanted.  They then told us they needed control of the Senate and then they could stop Obama and his policies and they promised they would stop his illegal immigration plan.  So, we gave them the Senate in 2014.  Again, we were betrayed in a most heinous manner.

Palin listed the things conservatives hate that was passed by RINOs.  The bill was written by Ryan and three cronies aided by deep pocketed corrupt lobbyists, most probably with promises of great riches for those who helped them achieve cheap foreign labor and other things on their wish list:

Obamacare? It’s fully funded.

Planned Parenthood, which was caught red-handed haggling over the sale of dead babies? It’s funded too.

Obama’s illegal executive amnesty? Funded.

Illegal alien sanctuary cities? Funded.

Visas for un-vetted Muslim migrants (“refugees”) to resettle in America? Funded.

Obama’s green energy crony capitalism? Funded.

Tax credits for illegal aliens? Funded.

H-2B visas to replace American workers with cheap unskilled foreign workers? Yep, that’s in there too.

What about funds for the fence that we so desperately need on our southern border? Nope, sorry, they couldn’t find any money for that.

She points out that not all elected officials with an (R) after their name are corrupt.  She says we shouldn’t leave the party that left us, instead, we should kick out the wife beaters.  She’s wrong.  The wife beaters out number the true conservatives.  In my opinion, we should not just sit out voting when these RINOs are on the ballot.  We should vote for the Democrat.

Her sage parting words were:

“It’s time to kick our abusers out of the House, change the locks, and keep a loaded shotgun next to the bed.”


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