SAF campaign challenges ‘Obama’s gun control lies’

Alan Gottlieb (7)
Alan Gottlieb

As Air Force One was touching down in Eugene for President Barack Obama’s brief visit to Roseburg, Oregon Friday, the Second Amendment Foundation announced the launch of a television campaign challenging him for “gun control lies.”

The president was heading north to Seattle following his stop in Oregon, right in the heart of SAF’s home country. The legal-educational organization is based in Bellevue, just across Lake Washington from Seattle.

SAF probably could not have timed the advertisement’s release any better. It urges at least one million people to call a toll-free telephone number and answer a simple question: “Do you think Obama is lying to push his gun control agenda?” The telephone number is (800) 292-9044.

As SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb explained it, “We’re fed up with the president’s repeated exploitation of tragedies to promote a failed agenda of public disarmament.” The one-minute spot bristles as it repeatedly accuses the president of lying about guns.

“Law-abiding gun owners are not the problem, nor is their right to keep and bear arms,” Gottlieb said, “and Obama knows it. But true to the left wing principle of never letting a tragedy go to waste, the president and other anti-gunners have launched a massive attack on the Second Amendment.”

When the president arrived in Roseburg, there was a rather large contingent of pro-Second Amendment protesters. Roseburg, since last week’s attack at Umpqua Community College, has become the center of a storm over gun control. Nine people were killed by a gunman who took his own life after being shot by a responding police officer.
There were lots of signs and at least one Confederate battle flag, but the crowd was well-behaved and many were visibly armed.

Yesterday, Senate Democrats gathered on the Capitol steps to call for tougher laws that many believe will further erode the average citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, while they enjoyed protection from more than a dozen Capitol police officers, the Washington Times reported.

They seem to be gearing up to press the president’s gun control agenda.

NBC News described the proposed changes as “sweeping,” and the Washington Post reported that the president is “seriously considering circumventing Congress with his executive authority” to press his gun control agenda.

Read more at Seattle Gun Rights Examiner here and here.


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